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I’m back!  I’ve just returned from my trip exploring two of Zambia’s National Parks – Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa. It was a spectacular week filled with adventure in the “Real Africa”.  I’m delighted to share some of the highlights with you…  Favorite Camps … My favorite camps in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Read More

We just had to share what Diane is doing right now … it’s an amazing story, and one we are all very proud of here at African Portfolio. Diane’s husband, Peter Lobel was born and raised in Zimbabwe. As you can imagine, the family has been through some very tough times in the past two, Read More

Going on safari is not just about marveling at Africa’s rich wildlife, and jaw-dripping landscapes. It’s about meeting local people and enjoying the cross-cultural interaction. Visiting a local Maasai village, or going on a traditional hunt with a Kalahari Bushman has been as memorable for our clients as their first sighting of a lion,, Read More

There are literally thousands of indigenous languages spoken in Africa and many more dialects. Every African country you visit will no doubt be home to more than a dozen (if not several hundred) languages, even the smaller countries. But because of the sheer amount of linguistic diversity, every African country has an official language, Read More

One of our favorite things in Africa, is spending a night under the open African skies, and more and more camps and lodges allow us to “star bathe” at night. Want to know what you’re seeing up above? … There’s an app for that! Our favorite “star-beds” on safari … Lion Sands River Lodge, Read More

We often find ourselves offering advice with regards to tourist visas, as they are a requirement for many African countries including Egypt, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. In some cases you can get a visa on arrival at the airport, in others you will need to plan ahead and get one from the embassy, Read More

Located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Olduvai Gorge is uniquely positioned on the road from the Ngorongoro Crater to the Serengeti. We are often asked whether a visit is “worth it” – especially when it comes to deciding whether to travel overland or fly between the two. We think the answer relates directly, Read More

On a recent safari in Tanzania, Yvette made the unfortunate discovery that lathering your body in DEET doesn’t deter the tsetse fly from biting. Tsetse flies are quite common in certain areas of Tarangire and the Serengeti national parks. The tsetse fly inhabit rural areas only, living in the woodland and thickets of the, Read More

Our two photo contest winners for October are Maureen Walker and Lisa Funk. Congratulations to both ladies for their stunning photos, we hope they enjoy their $500 Amex gift cards. All our winning submissions will appear in a 2014 calendar. We just have one more drawing to go, so don’t miss out on your, Read More

At African Portfolio we strive to personalize every itinerary and use our insider knowledge of Africa to plan unique safaris for all our clients. Cape Town is one of the many destinations that we are intimately familiar with and love to visit. We stop by at least once a year and always discover something, Read More

We have two very deserving winners to show off this month. Congratulations to Carol Parr and John Michael for their stunning photos, we hope they enjoy their $500 Amex gift cards. We are even more excited about our calendar now! Smiling Hippos – By Carol Parr Carol was on a 10 day chimpanzee and, Read More

We were so sorry to hear about the fire that gutted the arrivals hall at Nairobi’s International Airport early on August 7, 2013. Luckily no one was hurt, but the damage was extensive and it occurred right at the height of the tourist season in Kenya as the Great Migration is in full swing., Read More

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are nominated because of their outstanding universal value.

We have two new winners this month. Congratulations to Ron Marsillo and Dan Ewell – they each have $500 gift vouchers coming their way! Meerkat (experiencing the view of a lifetime) – Ron Marsillo Ron Marsillo was in the Kalahari desert when he managed the amazing feat of balancing a meerkat on his head, Read More

Yvette recently returned from a trip to India where she spent part of her colorful journey in the four national parks of India’s “Central Province” of Madhya Pradesh.   One of the first questions most of her friends and clients have asked, is how the wildlife experience in India compares to that of an, Read More

We are thrilled to announce two new winners of our ongoing photo competition. Tracey Gluck and Miriam Long have both received their $500 Amex gift certificates for their April photo submissions. Find out where they captured these special shots, in their own words … Tracey Gluck – Gorilla Hand The photo was taken in, Read More

We often help our clients plan their safaris to East Africa to coincide with the Great Migration and dry season from June to October. Given that the millions of wildebeest and zebra rely on rainfall to determine exactly when to head from Tanzania to Kenya, makes things tricky with regards to timing a safari., Read More

Most of our clients are well traveled and enjoy a combination of small group and independent travel. When you’re choosing a safari, it can get confusing as to what is a better choice. Should you opt for the more social but also less flexible group tour?  Or go it alone and have the opportunity, Read More

We are thrilled to announce the first two winners of our ongoing photo competition. Keri Frankenstein and Joyce Feldman have both received their $500 Amex gift certificates for their wonderful photo submissions. Here in their own words, find out where they captured these special shots… Keri Frankenstein We were on safari in Tanzania and, Read More

We have had such a wonderful time looking through your fabulous photo submissions these past two weeks! Landscapes, sunsets, and gorgeous wildlife shots have been passed around the office and enjoyed. Voting begins on Friday for this month’s submissions, so please keep them coming. If you are planning a trip this summer, there are, Read More

IT’S A BIG DAY for African Portfolio! Our 20th birthday!  On 26 February 1993, Diane’s dream and destiny had taken shape, and African Portfolio was officially incorporated.  Today, Yvette and Susan are very happy and proud to share this milestone with her.  As all of us reflect on two decades of traveling around Africa, Read More

Do you day dream of having “a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills”? Do the exploits of Denys Finch Hatton and Ernest Hemingway leave you longing for an old fashioned safari adventure (without the hunting!)? Would you like to be inspired to re-kindle your love? Does the romance of Africa, Read More