At the heart of what we do is a common passion for sharing our love of and expertise with safari travel in Africa. Our success is the result of hours spent matching what you want with what we’ve got and leveraging our long standing relationships with our partners on the ground to enhance your safari experience. Collectively, we have lived in Africa for more than 100 years, visited over 500 safari camps, lodges and hotels, met with dozens of safari guides, tour operators and camp managers, and undertaken just about every adventure activity from gorilla tracking to swimming in Devil’s Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls to canoeing safaris. In short, we’ve been there and done that and can tell you all about it first hand.

Explore By Destination

Botswana Safaris


Botswana is a stable, peaceful and relatively prosperous country, home to vast game reserves where some of the largest herds in southern Africa roam free,


Tanzania Safaris


Imagine a land of wide open spaces and magnificent wildlife, of idyllic palm-fringed islands set in turquoise seas,


Kenya Safaris


With over 40 parks and game reserves, Kenya has long been known as “big-game” country. Kenya has always viewed its wildlife as a national treasure.


Zimbabwe Safaris


Zimbabwe is a young country that nonetheless has one of the oldest, most fabled and romantic histories in all of Africa.


South Africa Safaris

South Africa

There are few countries in the world that compare with South Africa’s scenic splendor and diversity of leisure options: game reserves, mountain resorts, spectacular beaches and cosmopolitan cities offer a variety of experiences for all interests.


Zambia Safaris


Vast areas of unspoiled and virtually unexplored protected wilderness, make Zambia an undisputed favorite among dedicated safari enthusiasts. Taking its name from the mighty Zambezi River, which flows along its southern border, Zambia has set aside a large percentage of its land as wildlife reserves.


Uganda Safaris


Uganda is a beautiful country, revered by travelers and explorers for centuries and now experiencing a rebirth.


Namibia Safaris


Namibia, known for its stark, dramatic and timeless landscapes, is truly a diamond in the rough and one of southern Africa’s best kept secrets.


Rwanda Safaris


Rwanda will delight and surprise you with its friendly people, remarkably pleasant capital Kigali, and stunning volcanic landscapes.


Mauritius Safaris


A pearl set in a sapphire sea is the image that comes to mind when one considers this cosmopolitan paradise isle. Mauritius has been influenced by very different cultures, resulting in a marvelously diverse and effusive population who speak French, spend Rupees and drive on the left.


Mozambique Safaris


One of the newest tourism destinations in Southern Africa has come alive. Mozambique has a beautiful (1,500 mile) coastline with abundant islands and picture perfect beaches and reefs. Mozambique’s wildlife is slowly recovering from several decades of civil war, its national parks offer stunning landscapes with increasing numbers of animals: Banhine, Zinave, Gorongoza and the Maputo Elephant Reserve.


Seychelles Safaris


The name alone conjures up images of hidden pirate treasures and a tropical island paradise.


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Our success is due to our passion for Africa, motivating us to create unforgettable experiences for our clients. Allow us to guide you through the overwhelming myriad of possibilities. Let us take the mystery out of the process, and leave the magic in your experience.

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Our goal is to create an unmatched, personalized travel experience for every client, on every trip. Your safari is made to measure: we pay attention to every aspect and consider each detail to ensure an experience that surpasses your wildest dreams. We have planned unique itineraries for more than 12,500 people, and spent over 300,000 hours making sure each trip was as special as we could possibly make it.

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