2023 is the Time to Travel

3 min Read March 9, 2023

2023 is the Time to Travel

If you have been paying even a tiny bit of attention to the news, you’ve likely not escaped the proclamations of an ‘unprecedented demand for travel’, travel outpacing pre-covid levels’, ‘revenge travel in full swing’ … and we are delighted to report that safari travel is back in action as well. So for those of you who are contemplating a safari for the first time now, for those who were ready to travel in 2020, until … and for the veteran safari enthusiasts as well, I am here to declare the time for safari travel is now! And when I say ‘now’, I mean 2023 – specifically the months of April, May through mid-June and September through mid-December. Traditionally the lead time for safari planning has been about a year,  but for travelers with more flexibility or for whom short term commitment has appeal, the reward is an opportunity to take advantage of limited special value safaris. As demand continues to build and space becomes less available, prices will naturally rise for future travel so why not lock in your travel dates for 2023 and get ahead of the curve? While the summer months are understandably peak time for family travel, we encourage the empty nesters, young professionals, honeymooners, retirees, solo travelers to consider booking your trip in shoulder seasons when there is little to sacrifice, and the savings are significant.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Resist the temptation to choose a safari company based on price alone. Read between the lines and ask what’s included in the cost of your safari. Ensure you are getting good value—not just a good price.  Whether it lies in the level of luxury, the combination of destinations or handling the logistics in between, we know how to manage cost without compromising excellence.
  • Understand the logistics involved in your itinerary. While it may be tempting to see and do as much as possible, you’ll want to spend the majority of your time on safari, not in transit from one place to another or packing and unpacking every two days. We are advocating the trend to spend longer in fewer places. You can always come back for more!
  • Seasonality is an important consideration when planning your safari, but with very few exceptions, there is no month to completely avoid, (other than high season if you are looking for the most competitive rates).  Peak safari season in both Southern and East Africa is June – August with January – March also recognized as high season in East Africa, primarily due to the Great Migration. The green season in Southern Africa (January – April) is a beautiful time in the bush and these are the best months to take advantage of fewer travelers as well as attractive discounts. It’s also the birthing season at this time of year, resulting in lots of predator activity. And in my opinion, travel in November through mid-December is a ‘secret’ season, often overlooked as an ideal time for safari travel.
  • One criteria that has never changed, as we celebrate 30 years of planning safaris, is our conviction that the most important dynamic of your safari is the expertise and personality of your guide. We are admittedly fussy about the quality of service, accommodation, variety of activities, food and drink … but especially so about the guides, because they will determine the success of your game viewing, your education, inspiration and appreciation of the African bush, and ultimately your memories of Africa!

Perhaps more than any other adventure, an African safari is a personal journey. In our 30 years of experience, every traveler’s expectations of safari travel is different and they each dream of experiencing Africa in a different way. Our ‘high touch’, customized, step-by-step approach to planning safaris has evolved from our first-hand understanding and many, many years of experience traveling in Africa. You probably already have a vision of your ideal safari. Our role is to help you refine that vision, and then make it a reality. We hope to have the chance to show you Africa the way only we can! Give us a call 800-700-3677 … now!

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