March in Africa

2 min Read March 7, 2024

March in Africa

Here’s what’s happening in March in Africa:

East Africa

  • The end of March marks the start of the long rainy season in East Africa.
  • Many mobile camps in Tanzania and Kenya are not operational during the long rains of April and May so if you want to enjoy a tented experience, your time is now (lodges and permanent tented camps stay open throughout).
  • In the southern Serengeti in Tanzania, the wildebeest are starting to gather along with their calves, preparing for their great journey north in April and May.
  • It’s the perfect month to visit the Seychelles, when the trade winds are quiet and the seas are calm, making it a great time to go diving. The nesting season of the endangered hawksbill turtle takes place from September to March, so you may just be lucky enough to see brand new hatchlings (they’re only about 3cm in length) scuttle into the sea.

Southern Africa

  • If you plan on visiting  Botswana this time of year, make sure to include the Makgadikgadi National Park in your plans, especially camps close to the Boteti River. If you’re lucky, you’ll witness thousands of zebra and wildebeest congregating in huge numbers around the few pans that still contain water from the summer rains. 
  • March is a good time to catch migratory birds.  By April most will have departed for warmer climes in the north. There are still hundreds of resident species to enjoy, of course, but if birding is your passion, travel by the end of March for safaris in BotswanaZambia and Zimbabwe.
  • This is a wonderful time to visit South Africa as it’s considered the shoulder season, meaning less crowds and lower rates, but beautiful weather.
  • Kruger National Park is starting to cool down a bit, with daytime temperatures ranging from mid-80s to low-90s, but evening temps can dip into the low-60s.  You may also encounter occasional thunderstorms, which are incredibly dramatic in the bush. Wildlife is abundant during this time with lots of baby animals, although lush foliage can make viewing more of a challenge.
  • Visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and you’ll have the rare opportunity to view a lunar rainbow, which requires a clear sky, high water levels and a full moon. The best time to see this phenomenon is the hours following sunset, so the park stays open late to accommodate viewing.  Check out the full moon dates  here.
  • It’s also a great time to enjoy the beaches of Mozambique, especially if you are a diver, as the whale-sharks begin their annual visit to the region.

Cape Town and Surrounds

  • High summer is turning into autumn, and the weather is gorgeously mild with a daily average of 70F, making it an ideal time for Cape Town.
  • Last chance to catch the summer sunset concert series hosted by Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town. Enjoy local musical talent, with the occasional international act thrown in, and ask us about arranging a gourmet picnic. 









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