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  Client Reviews

Jules Bradley

Trip Review: Our trip was simply amazing and exceeded all expectations. The way that Vanessa structured the trip made it feel like 6 separate mini-vacations; safari, Victoria Falls, safari, Cape Town, safari and ending with 4 days on the beach. In planning our trip, Vanessa was always responsive, patient and knowledgeable. We never felt rushed. She listened to our wishes and provided both support and guidance. We will be forever grateful to Vanessa for helping us plan the trip of our lives. Every detail was covered and there were never any problems. All of our transfers were on time, cheerful and very helpful. All of the accommodations were incredible and the food was outstanding.

Most Memorable Moment: It is very hard to pick just one memorable moment. Chobe Game Lodge had elephants, elephants and more elephants. Victoria Falls was truly a natural wonder. Bomani Tented Lodge had large elegant tents that created a true camping experience. Our first sighting at Bomani, which was on the drive from the air field, was two beautiful male lions. Will always remember the candlelight dinner in the bush next to the watering hole filled with a herd of elephants. And at Sabi Sabi Little Bush we were able to see all of the Big Five during just one game drive.

Advice For Future Clients: Don’t sweat any of the details, African Portfolio will have them all covered.

June 2024

Linda Elam

Trip Review: Enjoyed the entire experience!

Most Memorable Moment: Sunrise, hearing birds come to life. And going to sleep listening to hippos.

Advice For Future Clients: Ask questions. The guides really come to life with participation from the guests.

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June 2024

Abby and Irwin Rosenblum

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable time on safari was the night at Gomoti Plains when we were taken out to the grasslands for a moveable feast. Every aspect of the evening was wonderful, including the moment not long into the party where we all piled into four jeeps and raced off to see the elusive cheetah with her fresh kill. Then back to the bonfire where the staff of around 20 people entertained us with singing and dancing that was so beautiful that I tear up every time I recall it. So joyful and so expressive and real. What a way to bring our safari experience to a close. The long communal table, the candles, the lanterns, the fire, the food and the wonderful staff made for a memory I will always cherish. Irwin can't pick one, thoroughly loved everything about the trip.

Advice For Future Clients: Three nights per camp seemed perfect. Tents were preferable to lodges. Take advantage of all experiences available by request, including walking safaris and mokoro, etc. Make wishes known upon arrival. Packing light worked really well though nobody ever weighed our bags anywhere.

June 2024

Maura Carlin

Trip Review: Logistics were generally smooth. All of the guides were excellent.

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing all of the animals that we hoped to see.

Advice For Future Clients: Bring Imodium. Less time in Cape Town, although the rain was probably a factor.

June 2024

Nancy and David Ment

Trip Review: Everything worked beautifully from the moment we arrived in Cape Town until we left to return home. All the arrangements and accommodations were exactly as planned. Yvette planned two previous safaris for us ten and twelve years ago. This time we wanted to take our granddaughter and knew we could count on Yvette.

Most Memorable Moment: Following a pack of wild dogs over several days.

Advice For Future Clients: Stick with a trusted planner like African Portfolio.

June 2024

Laurie Dray

Trip Review: We had a wonderful experience working with African Portfolio. They created and adjusted an itinerary based on our interests and budget and were available to answer any questions. The places we stayed and activities we participated in were amazing and would have been very difficult to put together without their help. They provided immediate support while we were traveling when questions arose. We highly recommend them and will use them in the future.

Most Memorable Moment: There were so many especially when out on drives that it is hard to state just one.

April 2024

Ashley Hulsey

Trip Review: The whole itinerary was great. It reflected our priorities and was structured beautifully. We enjoyed every bit of it!

Most Memorable Moment: The lion pawing inside the buffalo near Little Machaba and the completely relaxed leopard resting in the tree by his dangling impala.

Advice For Future Clients: Go, and before your back goes!

April 2024

Lianne Noddle

Trip Review: All the details of the trip were incredible. We loved the two safari experiences. All the transfers and guides were amazing. We used African Portfolio for our first trip to Africa. They did such an amazing job that we used them again!!

Most Memorable Moment: The evening that Linkwasha prepared the BBQ in the bush.

Advice For Future Clients: Enjoy Africa!!!

March 2024

Samantha Herrera-Fletcher

Most Memorable Moment: Camp Xakanaxa with (our guide) Monty. We saw 10 female lions get a warthog in camp!

Advice For Future Clients: Patience. Monty told us Safari is like a futbol game.

March 2024

Cathi Zilling

Trip Review: Victoria is my go to whenever I'm thinking of another trip to Africa. I just need to tell her the area I wish to visit or something I hope to see and I leave the rest up to her expertise. I'm sure I have a few more trips in the future.

Most Memorable Moment: I could never pick just one, but here our my top 5 choices in no particular order- 1- Any and all experiences with the gorillas, especially watching the baby climbing on the silverback and when the lead silverback and other males leapt from lounging to chase a buffalo and brushed right past us. 2-Having a second troop of golden monkeys challenge the troop we were standing with and having a chase scene play out with us in the middle. 3-Seeing young cheetahs jump onto the jeep in front of ours and lounge on the open top. 4- Seeing a male lion lay in the shade of our jeep after a recent buffalo kill. 5- Watching the grazing of thousands of zebras during their migration.

Advice For Future Clients: Every safari is different and this one was as well. Each day is a new adventure. You never know what is going to happen or what you will experience. Something unexpected could be around the next tree or rock and you always think it can't get better than this, and then it does. Cheetahs leaping on a jeep, lions cooling in the shade of your truck, gorillas brushing past your shoulder, baby wildebeest with the zoomies. An Africa safari is an adventure you can't afford to miss!

March 2024

Laura Allen

Trip Review: Vanessa from African Portfolio put together an epic adventure for our 25th wedding anniversary! We had been to Africa twice before (including our honeymoon) so I didn't think this trip could compare to our previous experiences. Oh my, how wrong I was! We stayed at 4 camps (2 each in Tanzania and Kenya) and were blown away by the accommodation, guides and overall experience. I normally organize all of our trips but it was a relief to leave the details to Vanessa and it was executed perfectly!

Most Memorable Moment: The biggest surprise and highlight for both of was staying at AndBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas. It was our last camp and after staying at very luxurious properties I was initially dismayed upon our arrival. However, each game drive was exceptional! The hospitality was equal to if not better than the luxury tents. I was teary when we left - it was the most memorable place we've ever stayed.

Advice For Future Clients: Use insect repellent! I came home covered in insect bites!

March 2024

Kenneth Davis

Trip Review: Fantastic adventure from start to finish. All details worked to perfection or at least as perfect as could be expected. After all ”this is Africa “

Most Memorable Moment: Arriving at our second mobile tent camp and having giraffes and zebras walking around in comp. Amazing!

Advice For Future Clients: Be ready for long days riding in the safari trucks on very bumpy roads.

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February 2024

Debbie Claussen

Trip Review: I really didn’t know what to expect; but the whole experience exceeded my expectations. Loved the people (especially the guides), lodgings country…and, of course, the animals.

Most Memorable Moment: No one moment…just everything.

Advice For Future Clients: Be prepared for long days.

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February 2024

Erin Swain

Trip Review: Absolutely loved this trip!

Most Memorable Moment: Having a leopard look me in the eye right next to our truck. I’ll never forget it.

Advice For Future Clients: Don’t worry about getting there, just go!

Traveled To:
February 2024

Suzette Sells

Trip Review: Our journey was well planned, giving us the opportunity to see two entirely different areas of South Africa. The Kalahari desert provided a unique variety of wildlife, then we experienced the lush area of Sabi Sands. Victoria also planned a wonderful visit in Cape Town, a must see if you're going on safari in South Africa. We are so glad we turned to African Portfolios for this once in a lifetime adventure (although, we may have to return to Africa after our experience).

Most Memorable Moment: Our bush walk tracking a cheetah and her 3 cubs; our hearts were racing as we trailed along behind.

Advice For Future Clients: If your budget allows go for private safari drives.

Traveled To:
February 2024

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