Client Reviews

  Client Reviews

Lyle Heidemann

Trip Review: At Ol Lentille, meals and services were excellent and the guide Solomon Outstanding. At Mara Bush Houses, both houses were great and overlooking water that many animals came to drink.

Most Memorable Moment: Watching 3 lionesses and their 6 cubs in the Masai Mara

Advice For Future Clients: There are many steps at Ol Lentille.

Traveled To:
September 2023

Navarra Benedetta

Most Memorable Moment: If I choose a specific moment I would not be fair with the all the other wonderful experiences we had.

Advice For Future Clients: Go to Namibia and use African Portfolio!

Traveled To:
August 2023

Ettore Cesaraccio

Most Memorable Moment: I was in Namibia three times and lived in South Africa for 9 years. Never experienced it with such depth the tour, timing, personnel, hotel location, the events, the adventure..everything was perfect.

Advice For Future Clients: Book more in advance so that you don’t have to rely on cancellations like we did (but we were extremely lucky).

Traveled To:
August 2023

Liam Fine

Trip Review: The trip was life changing and Vanessa made it all possible! Her responsiveness, immense expertise, and ability to read-the-room and tailor a trip for us was simply invaluable! She is a consummate professional!

Most Memorable Moment: The gorillas in Rwanda were incredible, so was the Azizi Life activity.

Advice For Future Clients: Trust Vanessa!

August 2023

Sara Jernigan

Trip Review: Every single representative was professional, friendly, timely, knowledgeable, and simplified all the logistics of traveling, touring, eating, and staying in another country. We felt safe and supported each step of the way.

Most Memorable Moment: Our most memorable moments were sharing in the wonder and appreciation each time we encountered the cheetahs, leopards, and lions and soaking in the magnificence of the land with each sunset.

Advice For Future Clients: Engage with and get to know the staff and guides you encounter. They are phenomenal people who posses a wealth of knowledge which enriches the experience and your lives in the most profound way.

August 2023

S. S.

Trip Review: Exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Most Memorable Moment: Hot air balloon ride and seeing the vastness of the Serengeti.

Advice For Future Clients: Do not be scheduled the whole time. Take some time appreciate the beauty and the people.

Traveled To:
August 2023

Jolynne Mitten

Trip Review: Trip hit all the right locations at best times for viewing. It was the trip of a lifetime thanks to Victoria.

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing entire pride of lions at sunset in the Masai Mara! Petting a Rhinoceros.

Advice For Future Clients: If you have to pick one country to go on Safari pick Kenya

July 2023

Susan Cooper

Trip Review: African Portfolio gives the VIP treatment and is extremely responsive and accommodating to all our family’s needs.

Most Memorable Moment: The Gorilla Trek

Advice For Future Clients: Use African Portfolio to plan your trip and all the details so you can just enjoy and not worry about logistics.

Traveled To:
July 2023

A. A.

Trip Review: The food was the best I’ve ever eaten on any continent. I’m pescatarian, and no gmo’s and locally sourced, was right up my alley. I’m embarrassed to say, but the food might have been the favorite part of the trip. Well, except for the gorillas and super nice hospitality.

Most Memorable Moment: Most memorable was gorilla trek. Birthday singing and dancing was very high up there. And watching lions mate, up close and twice, brought us the most laughs. And the genocide museum can not be missed.

Advice For Future Clients: No need for quote unquote “ safari clothes”. Just comfy pants and shirts and warm jacket. Didn’t need hiking boots either, except for gorilla trek.

July 2023

Shea Kutner

Trip Review: This was the most incredible trip ever. I wish it was easier to go back to South Africa. Amazing country, everything was smooth and easy travel wise and all was taken care of.

Most Memorable Moment: Safari was number one. Best experience we've ever had. Otherwise, talking to the local people who worked at the hotels / lodges and learning about their perspectives was so eye opening. You cannot know about a place until you go there and this experience proves that. We are completely enamored with South Africa and Mozambique.

Advice For Future Clients: Get to know everyone you interact with. Staff, drivers, bar tenders, guides, butlers, etc. Have conversations with them. Ask them about their lives. Learn from what they have to say. They are people just trying to make it in a part of the world where it is much different than America. This was something we didn't expect to do but could not understand how someone would miss out on this opportunity. They were happy to talk and loved learning about us too. You realize how similar everyone is, regardless of where they come from or what they do.

July 2023

Angie Walker

Trip Review: Loved Dulini and Kambaku. South Africa was wonderful!!

Most Memorable Moment: The people we met - the staff and other guests were so friendly.

Advice For Future Clients: Pack light. The food is amazing- get out of your comfort zone and try everything! You will not regret it.

July 2023


Trip Review: Great safari.

Advice For Future Clients: Just go experience it for yourself.

Traveled To:
July 2023

Thomas Wilkinson

Trip Review: Vanessa was great to work with!!!

Most Memorable Moment: The leopard dragging up a Gazelle high into a tree.

Advice For Future Clients: Don't think because it's Africa, it warm. Bring a warm jacket and don't think sweatshirts are enough. Got down into the low 50's in the morning and then high 70's later in the day.

Traveled To:
July 2023

J. J.

Trip Review: Of the three companies I spoke with, you had both the most personalized service and the best value.

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing the gorillas on the mountain in Rwanda.

Advice For Future Clients: Make sure that you talk to a few travel agents before you make a choice so that you find the right person to help you plan the perfect trip. I did this and was very pleased with Yvette DeVries and African Portfolio.

Traveled To:
July 2023

Kathy Block

Trip Review: Unbelievable experience! All details were handled with exceptional precision.

Traveled To:
June 2023

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