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  Client Reviews

Carol and Kevin

Trip Review: Everything was perfect, from the time we stepped off the plane in Capetown to leaving Johannesburg. Only wish we could have stayed longer!

Most Memorable Moment: For me, seeing the cheetahs at Tswalu, A mom and her 4 cubs and later on two brothers. I could have watched them for hours. Kevin preferred the leopards at Kruger.

Advice For Future Clients: Bring binoculars.

Traveled To:
February 2020

Mary and Don Brau

Trip Review: From the moment we stepped off the plane and saw our name on a placard, we were at ease. And we were passed seamlessly from representative to representative during our entire trip and apprised of each upcoming adventure. The only thing we were responsible for was thoroughly enjoying our trip.

Most Memorable Moment: Again, a very hard question, but I'll try. I met my adopted baby elephant at the Sheldrick Trust Orphanage, got "kissed" by a giraffe at the Nairobi Giraffe Center, saw herds and herds of elephants in Amboseli (I love elephants!), saw a mother cheetah and her two cubs, saw a mother lion and her two cubs, and watched a huge male lion run in front of our vehicle to chase away a jackal and hyena who was trying to eat its kill.

Advice For Future Clients: Follow the Final Itinerary "to do" list and packing suggestions. They were spot on.

February 2020

Adriane Wong

Trip Review: Amazing family trip! Vanessa guided us through every aspect and answered all of our questions thoroughly. The locations and experiences matched what we wanted in our family adventure and exceeded our expectations in all aspects.

Most Memorable Moment: So many! My top 5 (tough to even pick a top 5) were leopard watching, sleeping on star beds, New Year's morning bush breakfast, watching mom cheetah and 6 cubs eat an impala, and Christmas at Saruni Mara.

Advice For Future Clients: If you want to be active, bring hiking boots. Bush walks and getting around camps are much more comfortable and enjoyable with hiking boots. We packed very light-weight trainers for our alternate footwear, which worked well for our long flights and in the tents.

Traveled To:
January 2020

Ellen Schultz

Trip Review: Gabriel Kavishe was simply OUTSTANDING!!!! I cannot imagine ever having a better guide. His knowledge was vast and he did everything he could to make sure we had a perfect trip.

Most Memorable Moment: Too many to even recount. I think my most favorite places we visited were the Gol Kopjies and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Advice For Future Clients: Just GO!!

Traveled To:
January 2020

Deborah Hubbard

Trip Review: We stayed at 5 different places during our trip. I loved all of them except for the mobile camp we stayed at "Ndutu Under Cover".

Most Memorable Moment: One night at Kudu Kudu there was a giraffe right by our tent. When my husband went to use the outdoor shower, the giraffe had moved and was now eye-to-eye with my husband, approximately 10 feet away. For myself it was seeing the 4 lion cubs who were adorable!

Advice For Future Clients: I would fly to and from the Serengeti as I enjoyed the drives in the Serengeti the most.

Traveled To:
January 2020

Debbie Shiffman

Most Memorable Moment: Tracking a leopard with Alisar and Wise was amazing. We almost saw a kill, but that didn't happen. Instead, we followed her for over an hour and watched her climb a tree.

Advice For Future Clients: Bring a real camera (not an iPhone). There is no comparison!

Traveled To:
January 2020

Ilyse Tretter

Trip Review: The hotels/lodges and staff were wonderful (one minor exception- Sea Five was lovely, but staff on duty was not helpful in confirming some travel details). The weather and wildlife were wonderful!

Most Memorable Moment: There was probably one in every place! Seeing lions (male and a female) chased by water buffalo was pretty great.... all while sipping wine.

Advice For Future Clients: Go with the flow.

January 2020

Matt Flamman

Most Memorable Moment: Simbambili Safari Lodge

Advice For Future Clients: Take a trip to Africa today and not tomorrow

Traveled To:
December 2019

Terry Culhane

Trip Review: We were thrilled with our lodges, the game viewing was amazing and the transportation went seamlessly. I felt comfortable from the initial phone call, and Victoria seemed very knowledgeable. So I didn't pursue other options.

Most Memorable Moment: Arriving at our tent in Machaba was such a treat. It felt like we were in a movie.

Advice For Future Clients: I felt grateful that we had three nights at each lodge, four might have been even better. Two nights wouldn't enough time to settle in.

December 2019

Jessica Azoulay

Trip Review: The logistics were perfectly arranged!! Anouk really took care of us from start to finish. Despite numerous transfers and charter flights, nothing was ever delayed or stressful. It was incredibly seamless

Most Memorable Moment: While my husband had been before, this was my first safari. The first afternoon, when we saw lions right away was like nothing I’ve experienced. Being a few yards from a male was not something I could prepare myself for and was so incredibly awe-inspiring. Similarly, every time we asked Charles to see something at Little Mak, he magically made it happen! I asked if there were cheetahs and 1 hour later we were looking at two boys. I asked if there were wild dogs and 2 minutes later we saw three chasing a hyena. It was like it was on demand!

Advice For Future Clients: No need to pack so much mosquito spray. I went OVERBOARD but really there was a spray in each room, truck and common space. I could have saved myself some space in my luggage. I also think coming from the US, a day to acclimate is important. The first few days there we were exhausted and the days are structured in a way that doesn’t really allow for rest. Lastly, I would suggest getting into the community whenever/wherever possible. We spent a day in the school/village in Zimbabwe and I will never forget the time we had with those children. It was life changing.

November 2019

Ted Horowitz

Trip Review: Thanks so much for setting up a terrific trip!

Most Memorable Moment: It was all a memorable journey, perfect for us. Highly recommended!

November 2019

Patricia Gilbert

Most Memorable Moment: Pamushana

Advice For Future Clients: Visit the local village

Traveled To:
November 2019

Charles Woodring

Trip Review: We could not improve on the Safari.It was the most amazing experience to see all the beautiful animals in their natural setting.The accommodations were excellent as well as the staff.Our guides were very knowledgeable about all the animals.It was truly the trip of a lifetime!!

Most Memorable Moment: The most memorable moments were being so close to the animals and not have them even be afraid that we were right there.We saw animals eating their prey and watched mothers take care of their babies.To be so close to them was something we didn't think was possible.

Advice For Future Clients: Go with an open mind and enjoy every single moment of the experience.Take clothes that can layer as the weather ranges from hot to cool. Be sure to take as many pictures as you can.Take a diary to write each day's experience.

Traveled To:
November 2019

mike nawrocki

Trip Review: The trip was great from start to finish. It was well planned out and the Elewana properties were fantastic!

Most Memorable Moment: Breakfast in the bush in Amboseli was a great surprise.

Advice For Future Clients: You have to be prepared that travel to Africa and all the prep is more of a commitment, but well worth it if you are open to new experiences!

November 2019

Sydney Cohn

Most Memorable Moment: Hiking the dunes in Namibia, whale watching and snorkeling in Mozambique, and one safari drive in particular.

Advice For Future Clients: Soak it all in!

October 2019

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