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  Client Reviews

Don DiCristofaro

Trip Review: This was a complicated trip with lots of moving around and EVERYTHING went perfectly!

Most Memorable Moment: There were a lot of memorable moments. The highlights were the walking safari from Savute; seeing three leopards at Moremi; seeing two cheetahs at Savute; and exploring Victoria Falls.

Advice For Future Clients: GO!

May 2022

Gabriella Wolson

Trip Review: Amazing trip. Loved the hotels and coordination throughout. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing the animals.

Advice For Future Clients: Don't try to cut costs - it's worth it!

April 2022

Lindsay Lee

Trip Review: There is nothing I would have done differently. Could not have planned it better.

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing an elephant in front of our tent while at Lemala and feeding giraffe at Giraffe Manor.

Advice For Future Clients: Let yourself fully experience the trip. Talk to the people, try the foods, and immerse yourself in nature.

March 2022

James Sillers

Trip Review: Our guide Gabriel was excellent. He seemed to predict how the animals would react and keep moving the vehicle so we were always in the correct spot for best viewing. He was very aware of the lighting etc for photos. During the downtime looking for game he educated us on details about game plus the area with its history.

Most Memorable Moment: I had my 76th Birthday celebration while at Kubu Kubu. They did an excellent job, the cake was tasty. I brought a very unusual birthday candle and Priscilla asked if I could send her more. I will send them with another group in June. However everyone commented on the quality of my photos especially because I only use my cell phone. But we had several excellent opportunities and with overcast everyday it helps with the details.

Advice For Future Clients: Travel light....

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March 2022

Michael Lee

Trip Review: Fantastic trip tailored to exactly what we were looking for. It fit our goals for wildlife, secluded/not touristy, and our timeline dates for traveling. We were seeking a reliable company with good information and advice on an important lifetime trip. African Portfolio was professional and responsive from start to finish.

Most Memorable Moment: Watching 3 lionesses hunt a heard of buffalo on our first evening at Little Bush!

Advice For Future Clients: Do it!

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March 2022

Lisa and Fred Flower

Trip Review: Our first time exceeded expectations.

Most Memorable Moment: Lisa - When we were shown our room at Kubu Kubu, we went out onto the deck and their in the vista were giraffes and impala. It brought tears to my eyes to see that vast expanse with the animals in the backdrop. Fred - after 4+ hours of following a mother cheetah with her two big male cubs, she brought down a wildebeest calf and proceeded to feast.

Advice For Future Clients: Don’t overpack.

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March 2022

Larry Letsche

Trip Review: This is my third trip and second trip to Africa with African portfolio. Each trip was wonderful, but this trip was the most life changing. Everything from the guides, the camps, the culture, the wildlife, the scenery, the weather, and the people were outstanding and remarkable. I truly have always had a piece of Africa in my heart, but that piece grew much larger after this trip.

Most Memorable Moment: The most memorable moment for me was the last hour of the last game drive. Instead of taking pictures or talking to anyone I just sat by myself in the back of the truck in silence. I truly absorbed the beauty of Africa's skies, landscapes, animals and people. Tears of happiness and sadness filled my eyes and lasted for the entire trip back to camp. Tears of sadness came because I knew I had to leave this remarkable place, but the tears of happiness filled me because of what I had seen and experienced. Africa holds a much larger piece of my heart today and leaving there was easier knowing that I will return to it in the future.

Advice For Future Clients: Let the experts at African Portfolio help guide and plan your trip to be the best possible experience of your life.

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March 2022

Nicholas Forbes

Trip Review: All of the camps were great. The guides and ground staff were amazing.

Most Memorable Moment: The animals of course.

Advice For Future Clients: Choose African Portfolio!

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March 2022

Peter and Joyce Holt

Trip Review: It was wonderfully arranged and Anouk kept an eye on us throughout the trip. The trip was everything we hoped for.

Most Memorable Moment: The vast open fields and coming upon an animal or a herd suddenly.

Advice For Future Clients: Acclimatize to the altitude if you are of a certain age!

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February 2022

Scott and Emily Weiss

Trip Review: Our honeymoon was incredible! Victoria helped plan the most amazing trip. It absolutely exceeded our expectations. Our honeymoon was delayed several times due to Covid, but it was absolutely worth the wait. We would recommend African Portfolio to any future traveler. We truly feel that the Seychelles and South Africa is the ultimate honeymoon experience! Since we were having issues with our previous travel agent, it was of the utmost importance to us to work with someone that was trustworthy, accommodating and knowledgeable. After speaking with Victoria, we knew she would be the perfect person to work with and help plan our dream honeymoon. She made the planning beforehand so seamless. We felt we were in the best hands throughout the entire trip. We are so thankful that we got connected to Victoria and African Portfolio!

Most Memorable Moment: If we had to pick one, it would like be the safari! That was the most surreal experience of all time.

Advice For Future Clients: Pack your bags and go! South Africa is a magical country!

February 2022

Chris Owens

Trip Review: We had an incredible time and think that Vanessa did a wonderful job basing the itinerary on our interests. We really enjoyed the differences in each of the three locations and felt that it was a good balance of both relaxation and adventure.

Most Memorable Moment: We had an evening game drive, our third of the trip, where we saw a leopard up close at night, a pack of painted dogs hunt their dinner, a group of hippos in the watering hole and a rhino up close on an abandoned runway. This was after a wet morning drive with little to see, which made it much more special. Climbing Lion's Head peak was probably a close second.

Advice For Future Clients: Get to know your guides, other travelers and locals. Our favorite part was meeting so many kind, interesting people and immersing ourselves in their culture.

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January 2022

Corey Angst

Trip Review: Customer service was excellent from start to finish. Very nice unexpected touches along the way.

Most Memorable Moment: Having a drink on a hill in the Mara while the sun was setting. We also got to see a leopard walk within 5 feet of our truck. Seeing baby elephants clumsily walking behind their mothers was wonderful too.

Advice For Future Clients: Spend the extra money for the Geoffrey Kent suite. It is really special.

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January 2022

Mary Van Meter

Trip Review: It is the best vacation we have taken!

Most Memorable Moment: The first time we saw each animal for the first time.

Advice For Future Clients: Don’t hesitate!

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December 2021

Karen Wernette

Trip Review: Great accommodations. Staff at every location were great.

Advice For Future Clients: Go. Visit Botswana.

December 2021

Mark Abdy

Trip Review: The COVID-omicron variant appeared one week before departure, and we were questioning whether we should go. We are so glad we decided to go -- and truthfully, felt safer from exposure while on safari than in our American grocery stores, football stadiums and restaurants. The staff at every place we stayed were vaccinated and were very diligent in wearing masks. I cannot repeat enough how glad we are that we went on this trip. The wildlife sightings we spectacular.

Most Memorable Moment: Too many to list, but probably the herds of elephant coming down to drink at the Chobe River, the large herd of Roan antelope at Savute and the massive herds of buffalo at Moremi.

Advice For Future Clients: Don't let COVID prevent you from traveling. The personnel at the safari lodges are vaccinated and take significant precautions.

December 2021

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