June in Africa

2 min Read June 4, 2024

June in Africa

Here’s what happens in Africa in June:

East Africa

  • The peak safari season kicks off as the rains taper off and the skies clear.
  • The vegetation is lush, and baby animals are turning into toddlers and healthy teens.
  • Over a million wildebeest and zebra start making their way from the southern plains into central and western Serengeti.

Southern Africa

  • Further south of the equator, the chill in the air becomes palpable, so bring a jacket because Africa is not the relentless inferno some apparently imagine.
  • In fact at altitude, (like South Africa’s Kruger area) the frost on the ground will have you warming your hands around a hot cup of coffee on your morning drive, and gloves may be in order.
  • The animals feel it too. Hyenas and wild dogs are easier to spot as they settle into warm dens to have their pups.
  • Clear night skies make sitting around a boma fire extra cozy, coupled with a shot or two of Amarula and you’ll be in safari heaven.
  • Seasonal camps in the South Luangwa Valley and the Lower Zambezi are opening. These fantastic wildlife areas are best explored on foot. A walking safari in Zambia is certainly one of the most unique safaris you can enjoy and a favorite here at African Portfolio.
  • After the heavy rains, Parrotfish are drawn downstream by the strong Zambezi River current and become easy to catch for fishermen waiting with hand-woven baskets at the smaller rapids.
  • Giant orbs of sardines also liven up the Kwa Zulu-Natal coast performing in the Greatest Shoal on Earth –  another “once-in-a-lifetime-only-in-Africa”- spectacle to behold.

Cape Town & Surroundings

  • Another delight for Marine life enthusiasts, the Southern-right whales start appearing in Walker Bay in droves. For the best land based whale watching in the world, spend several days on the coast (we recommend Grootbos Nature Reserve) or take an easy day trip from Cape Town to watch these giants of the ocean, breech and frolic in the Indian Ocean.


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