What’s in Your Duffle?

2 min Read June 26, 2024

What’s in Your Duffle?

As usual in summer, our phones are buzzing with last minute questions about final arrangements, and the office is bustling with reconfirmations and closing documentation. We are (proudly) renowned for thoroughly preparing travelers for their adventures with our individually customized “Essential Travel Details” including lists of what to pack for your safari as well as any extra items needed in the cooler winter months. We were all recently contemplating the most essential items in our own (soft-sided) safari bags, so we’re sharing some our favorites here:


  • I always bring a lightweight scarf. It’s an extra layer on the plane, dresses up an outfit in the evenings and protects against the sun on game drives if necessary.
  • My favourite hair conditioner/anti frizz.
  • A small tote bag for shopping 😉.
  • A notebook – I like to write down all the animals and birds I see.


  • I usually take a Kikoi with me when I travel as it can be used to keep me warm or cool depending on when you travel.
  • I always take my favourite slimline power bank for those long days out on game drive so that I can charge my phone for taking pictures.


  • My prescription sunglasses. Without them, I might as well stay home 😃.
  • I have finally found the last duffle I am ever buying. My Lands’ End All Purpose Travel Duffle Bag Medium (24″L x11″W x11″H in Forest Moss) was perfect in every way. So was the small baggallini that has been going out on game drives with me for years.
  • I will never travel with more than a tablet again. Even a MacBook Air in its protective case becomes heavy and tiresome after a day, and laptops don’t always fit inside the room safes.
  • I always bring one of those thin plastic ponchos in case of light rain on transfer days. They’re so big you can carry all your luggage underneath, and I have reused the same one 3 times over.
  • Because I still have devices with three different charging receptors, I found my 6’ Statik Universal Magnetic Charge Cable extremely handy. One cable with 3 different connectors instead of carrying and switching between 3 different cables.


  • One of those envirosax bags that are easily packable but can expand to carry up to 20 kgs – perfect for carrying home souvenirs.
  • Flip flops which are easy, lightweight footwear that always seem to come in handy
  • Small Journal or Notepad to record observations and sighting and things to remember (the old-fashioned way vs. a phone)


  • Chapstick with sunscreen is invaluable especially if you are doing any sort of water activities.
  • A buff to keep the sun off your neck and to pull over your nose and mouth on dusty game drives.
  • My nylon mini shoulder bag is very handy in the airport and on game drives to keep your sunglasses, wallet, ChapStick and anything else you need easily at hand.

As they say – sharing is caring, so if you have any special safari travel tips, hacks, or indispensable items in your luggage… do share? We’d love to hear what we’re missing.

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