October in Africa

2 min Read October 5, 2023

October in Africa

East and Southern Africa

  • The migratory birds begin to make their way south from the northern hemisphere, so it’s a fantastic time to be on safari if you are an avid twitcher.
  • It’s nice and warm throughout Africa in October (in fact it can be very hot), so no need for hot-water bottles at night.
  • It’s warm but not sweltering at the beach so it’s a good time to consider a Safari and Beach adventure.

East Africa

  • In Kenya’s Masai Mara the huge herds of migrating zebra and wildebeest begin to look towards the Serengeti border for greener pastures as they slowly filter back to Tanzania by the end of October.
  • On the coast, it’s turtle season, and Mnemba Island in particular is a gorgeous spot to enjoy this phenomenon.

Southern Africa

  • It’s the final month of the dry season in southern Africa and this is an awesome time to see huge herds of elephant, zebra, buffalo and other wildlife that gather around the diminishing water holes and trickling rivers.  Vegetation is increasingly sparse which makes it much easier to spot wildlife.
  • October is the last month of the year to enjoy a walking safari in Zambia before the rains arrive.
  • It’s a good time to experience the pure magic of the Zambezi Valley and watch brilliant red sun disappear from the sky into the mighty Zambezi River against the backdrop of the escarpment.
  • Now is also a great time to jump into Devil’s Pool or go white water rafting on the Zambezi.

Cape Town & Surroundings

  • October is peak whale watching season along the southern coast, and in particular Walker Bay. The annual Hermanus Whale Festival celebrates some of the best land-based whale watching on earth. Several whale species can be seen in the area year round, but the concentration of Southern Right Whales in these waters is a world-renowned phenomenon.



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