Why You Need Us

2 min Read April 1, 2021

Why You Need Us

Our goal is to create an unmatched, personalized travel experience for every client, on every trip. Your safari is made to measure: we pay attention to every aspect and consider each detail to ensure an experience that surpasses your wildest dreams. Safaris are complicated to plan, it’s one of the few vacations that even the most avid “do-it-yourself” travel enthusiasts find hard to handle. Here are some reasons why we think you need us!

Getting To Know You
We appreciate that a trip to Africa is a significant outlay of time and money and that you expect a healthy return on that investment. That is why we do not simply take a packaged tour off the shelf and expect it to appeal to everyone. Your safari will be specifically designed to fit your particular preferences and passions, so we want to understand what it will take for your African safari to be the best trip you’ve ever taken.

We Are Your Guide
Guide: noun\ˈgīd\ One who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising. If you fancy an active adventure, we can share our personal stories of walking safaris, canoe trips, or horseback safaris. Enjoy gourmet food and wine, a little pampering at a spa, or want to sleep under the open African sky? We’ve been there and done that. Think of us as the first guides on your safari, and let us support, inform and lead you in the planning of your trip.

The Planning Process
The planning of your adventure should be as exciting as the safari itself, so let us do the heavy lifting and careful sifting. We know the questions to ask to help you simplify all the considerations that impact the success of your safari. We discuss your likes and dislikes, your special interests, your favorite activities, your style preferences, and of course, your budget and then translate that knowledge into a safari experience that reflects what’s important to you.

Preparing For Your Trip
What to pack? Is there internet access? How much money will we need? Can I use my hairdryer? We provide you with everything you need to know, from visas to vaccines, about insects to insurance. Your individually tailored travel documents will be brimming with details pertaining to your particular itinerary only, as well as practical guidelines that underscore the importance of low-impact and sustainable travel in Africa. We prepare you to be comfortable and encourage you to be thoughtful wherever you travel in Africa.

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