August in Africa

2 min Read August 9, 2023

August in Africa

Here’s what happens in August in Africa:

East and Southern Africa

  • August is peak season for safaris in East and Southern Africa. If you would like to enjoy a safari this time of year, start planning now for next year, to avoid disappointment!
  • The dry season really settles in making it easier to spot the animals as they congregate in denser numbers around the permanent water holes, river banks and streams. The bush and grasslands are various hues of brown, so predators blend in nicely, and prey is easier to find with less dense foliage to hide in.
  • August 10th is World Lion Day raising awareness of the plight of lions, ‘Panthero Leo”, across the globe.
  • August 12th is World Elephant Day, bringing attention to all 3 species of elephants: the African savanna elephant, the African forest elephant, and the Asian elephant.

East Africa

  • This is the best time to track chimpanzees in Tanzania or Uganda.
  • Witness the great migration of wildebeest and zebra crossing the Mara River in Kenya. Guides on the ground have the best insight into the timing and positioning of this incredible event. Crossings can happen at random points along the river, and the huge herds go back and forth all season depending on which side the grass is greenest. If you’re lucky you may be one of the few to witness it, but chances are there will be a line of vehicles alongside you. This is why we recommend staying at a luxury tented camp in the much less crowded conservancies this time of year and only head into the National Reserve for a day.
  • In Tarangire National Park, herds of up to 300 elephants can be seen digging the dry riverbeds in search of underground sources of water.

Southern Africa

  • In Botswana, colorful carmine bee-eaters arrive in the Savute and Linyanti area to nest, it’s a riot of color that compliments the host of wildlife in this area.
  • The Okavango Delta offers water activities as well as game drives at many camps, as the water-levels are high. Water-based camps are at their most beautiful and scenic this time of year
  • Victoria Falls in August are at “low-flow” and best seen from the Zimbabwe side to get a frontal view. Even during the low water volume, it is a truly spectacular sight and you will still get doused in spray and see plenty of rainbows. For the adventurous, it’s the perfect time to enjoy white water rafting.
  • Take a trip over to the Zambia side so you don’t miss out on leaping into Devil’s Pool from Livingstone Island. The natural pool rim offers a spectacular view over the edge of the Falls and is only possible during this season when the water flow is lower.
  • In Mozambique, the days are warm, but you’ll need a light duvet at night. It’s a great time for diving and fishing.

Cape Town & Surroundings

  • Cape Town can be a touch chilly during August, so wrap up warm and take advantage of scenic drives to the Peninsula and cozy fine dining in the city and Winelands.
  • Take a drive into the Karoo to marvel at the Namaqualand flowers  – it’s the most splendid sight.




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