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Come and enjoy Cape Town and the Western Cape, but be mindful of the current water shortage. This is the message we are continuing to convey to our valued clients. We are encouraging travelers to maintain their current travel plans and/or include a visit to Cape Town for future travel, with the knowledge that, Read More

February marks a massive baby boom in the Southern Serengeti as this is the time of year when the million strong herd of wildebeest give birth, all within a 2-3 week period. The mass calving is a survival tactic to overwhelm the predators that lurk behind the bushes waiting for easy baby prey. It’s, Read More

January generally starts off quietly in Africa, as New Year’s Day is a public holiday throughout the continent. But in Cape Town the year starts with a real bang and toot with the Cape Minstrel Carnival. On the other side of Africa, the Berber people in in Morocco wait an extra few days, to, Read More

If you are planning to visit Africa in December, particularly around the holiday season, make sure to book at least a year, or even two in advance! December marks the beginning of the long summer holidays throughout sub-Saharan Africa, so both local and overseas tourists book their vacations at the beach and at safari lodges and, Read More

Have you looked at your flights and discovered you’ve got 2 to 3 (or even more) hours to kill at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg? All of us here at African Portfolio would be thrilled with such a long layover! In fact, we count on those airport hours to avoid having to carry around, Read More

All of us at African Portfolio love spending time in Cape Town. There are always new restaurants to discover, new tours to try, sights to see, and hotels to check out. Diane, Susan and Anouk were in Cape Town recently, and were reminded of how much they like certain hotels just a little more than others! So we thought, Read More

November is one of our favorite months to travel to Africa. The tourists thin out, airlines often have sales on flights, and the weather begins to warm up (which makes it less painful to wake up at 5 am for the morning game drive)! November brings much needed rain to southern Africa causing a veritable baby, Read More

December through March is the normal “rainy season” for southern Africa. This period is known as the “Emerald” or “Green” season. With a current South African Airways sale going on, there isn’t a better time to book a trip to the region! Trees are in full blooming glory and the birds are simply spectacular. Many, Read More

October marks the final month of the dry season and this is an awesome time to see huge herds of elephant, zebra, buffalo and others gather around the diminishing water holes and trickling rivers. Vegetation is increasingly sparse which makes it a cinch to spot wildlife. October is also the last month of the year to, Read More

Last week we had the pleasure of introducing Sharleen, who recently joined us at African Portfolio. She not only had to grapple with new systems, procedures and colleagues these past few weeks, but she also had to weather Hurricane Irma. With her internet finally re-connected a few days ago, she shares her reflections …   Having just, Read More

Summer was in full bloom at African Portfolio – not only with more clients traveling than ever before but with the addition of two highly qualified, seasoned travel consultants to better service the ever increasing demand for travel to Africa and beyond.  Sharleen is really a ‘new, old soul’ as we have worked with, Read More

“Paper or plastic?” “Neither thank you, I will take my trusty canvas for my groceries”. Most of us are doing what we can to be as environmentally friendly in our own small part of the world. And we are sure most of you will join us in praising the effort of the Kenyan Government to, Read More

August is peak season for safaris in both East and Southern Africa. If you would like to enjoy a safari this time of year, book now for next year, to avoid disappointment! The dry season in August really settles in making it easier to spot the animals as they congregate in denser numbers around the permanent water, Read More

While Malaria is a mosquito borne illness, only a small percentage of all mosquitos actually carry the potential to do any harm at all. The disease can only be spread by the female Anopheles mosquito, and only from a previously infected person, so it occurs predominantly in densely populated areas with poor sanitation (worldwide)., Read More

July kicks off peak safari season in both East and southern Africa. Dry, colder weather has set in, and the animals begin to congregate in larger concentrations around diminishing water supplies. The foliage thins out and greens turn into a myriad of golds and browns. Predators find it easier to hide and stalk their prey, and many enjoy, Read More

It’s been a busy time in our little Connecticut office. We are getting lots of clients ready for their summer adventures in Africa, and we’ve also had to say goodbye to our dear colleague of 17 years, Yvette De Vries. Many of you know Yvette, she was our most public face as she represented African, Read More

June kicks off the new safari season as the long rains taper out and many tented camps re-open for business throughout East Africa. The beginning of the month offers perfect game viewing without the crowds and lovely clear skies. The bush is still green, and baby animals are turning into toddlers and healthy teens. The chill, Read More

Anouk just returned from attending the We Are Africa conference in Cape Town and managed to book-end the trip with extra days touring around Johannesburg, the Cape Winelands and the Western Cape. In her own words… It was a fantastic trip, starting off in Johannesburg at the Apartheid Museum. Always a powerful experience, the, Read More

The biggest issue you will likely have with regards to your diet on safari, is the fact that you will need to go on a diet after your safari. The food on a luxury safari is plentiful and excellent. Most safari camps that we book are able to accommodate all kinds of dietary needs,, Read More

A good quality custom safari is not the cheapest vacation out there (but the best as far as we are concerned). And traveling to Africa can also be a bit daunting for those not familiar with the continent. The expense of a safari combined with the fact that Africa can seem a little “scary, Read More

March can be a rainy month in southern Africa, and if you are heading to the Victoria Falls be prepared to get extremely wet, you’ll know why they are called  “Mosi-oa-Tunya ” (smoke that thunders). March is a good time of year to check out the lunar rainbow, a truly spectacular event at the Victoria, Read More

Herdtracker (our “go-to app” this time of year) reports that the larger herds of wildebeest and zebra are passing through central Serengeti towards the Ndutu Plains in the southern Serengeti. We will soon hear reports of a first baby wildebeest sighting, this is calving season ladies and gents! Most of the wildebeest calves are born in just, Read More

We don’t often talk about the charities we support because we don’t feel it’s necessary to saddle you with our philosophies and dreams for a better Africa. But as we work to make your safari dreams come to life, we are very cognizant of the impact our business has on the everyday lives of, Read More

I always enjoy the long flight to Africa, even sitting in the back of the plane. It gives you plenty of time to unwind from work, watch four movies, and still have time for some sleep! Which is exactly what my family and I did en route to Nairobi. Upon landing, we spent our first night, Read More

Anouk is traveling in Kenya right now, and while November is not traditionally the busy season, we still recommend staying in the less-crowded conservancies to really make the most of any visit to the Masai Mara. She’ll be enjoying 4 nights at Saruni Mara and Saruni Wild in the Mara North Conservancy. The Masai, Read More

Many of our clients look forward to using their miles to book their flights to Africa. But in our experience it’s not easy or convenient to use airline miles (or reward points) to get there. Getting an airline to release seats for points on exactly the days that match your safari itinerary is difficult, Read More

Anouk will be off to Kenya next week, and is looking forward to spending a first day in Nairobi, almost as much as she is looking forward to her safari! This may surprise some of you, but it’s really a very vibrant city and a great place to spend an extra day and get over, Read More

With colder weather setting in here in Connecticut, we find ourselves yearning to travel back to Africa. But until that time, the next best thing is to settle in, stay warm, and watch Africa on our TV and movie screens! Right now we are positively spoiled for choice. Here’s just a sample of what’s on our, Read More

If you are looking for a truly authentic family adventure and well off the beaten track, then we have an excellent option for you! A 7 day immersion into the heart of Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou National Park, staying at two different lodges/camps – Chilo Gorge and Mahove semi-permanent luxury camp site. This is a very hands-on, Read More

With summer waning fast, we are seeing the usual uptick in requests for adventures to escape from winter. The good news is that there are some great ways to stretch your safari dollars and days, and we know all the tricks of the trade. Contact us for ideas and  suggestions such as this 12-day, Read More