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When we ask our clients for feedback, we usually end by asking them if they have a word of advice for future travelers. So, in honour of our 25-year anniversary this year, we thought we’d go through their responses and pass their words of wisdom along… A lot of our respondents started their reply, Read More

We’ve put together a guide that covers three types of gifts – useful and/or fun items to give someone to take on safari, suggestions for the ideal gift to buy folks back home when you go on safari, and some high-quality gifts available online that support Fair Trade principles. Happy shopping! Gifts for someone, Read More

Vanessa recently spent a wonderful ten days on safari in Kenya along with her 12-year-old son Jake. Here’s her report… I hadn’t been to Kenya for quite some years, and I have to say that I was blown away, not only by the properties I visited but the people I met along the way., Read More

A classic safari can be a somewhat sedentary affair, consisting of long game drives interspersed with (delicious) food and drink, so our clients often ask about more active or adventurous options. These can range from walking safaris and canoe trips to adrenalin-fuelled quad biking, white-water rafting and bungee jumping, depending on your destination (and, Read More

Sometimes nicknamed “3G” vacations as they usually involve three generations of a family, multi-generational safaris have been popular with our clients for some years now – you can read the recent feedback from the Kovensky-Greene family trip here. It’s easy to see why: a safari is the perfect opportunity for family members – who, Read More

The right age to bring a child on safari depends on the individual, but in general we find that kids age 8 and over get more out of the experience and are better able to cope with long flights and jet-lag. That being said, a safari can be an exciting and adventurous experience for, Read More

orphaned elephant

A highlight for many of our clients is a visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Nairobi, Kenya. This outstanding organization rescues orphans and hand-raises them around the clock until they are old enough to be released back into the wild. The public are allowed to visit at 11am when the babies, Read More

Susan recently headed off to check out four camps in Kenya and a hotel in Zanzibar, and all five were magical. Here’s her report. First stop: Nairobi After arriving at the airport, we headed straight for the elephant orphanage at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust; many people find it’s one of the highlights of their, Read More

As we tell our clients, travel to Africa offers so much opportunity to give back. We are all inspired when we visit local communities, help support local wildlife efforts, and “pack with a purpose“. In fact, all of you are giving back by spending your tourism dollars when you book your trip with African, Read More

The Big 5 - Rhinos

The Big 5 is a term originally coined by hunters to describe the animals they found the most dangerous to hunt on foot – namely, lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino. Depending on where you travel on safari, you can reasonably expect to see all five – with rhino and leopard being somewhat, Read More

Many of our safari guests ask us about this once-in-a-lifetime experience in Cape Town. Not a lot is known about the behaviors of great white sharks as they don’t survive in captivity, but they’re considered to be endangered – it’s estimated that there are less than 5,000 left in the world. An up-close encounter, Read More

Victoria just returned from a fantastic trip to Kenya. She shares her safari experiences with us in her own words … Being in Kenya during the long rains is like visiting for the first time.  Everyone is delighted to see you, chats about the weather and how the wildlife is enjoying the new green, Read More

Anouk recently returned from a 12 day trip to South Africa and Mozambique. Her mission was to visit as many Kruger area lodges as she could, and then spend a few days exploring the Mozambique coast around Vilanculos and the island of Benguerra.  She managed to visit over a dozen of our favorite safari, Read More

One of the many benefits of a safari holiday is that you’ll encounter very few additional expenses once you’re on your trip as most safari camps and lodges operate on an all-inclusive basis. Tipping is customary though, so it’s an expense that you will want to prepare and budget for in advance. Although tipping, Read More

Our newest team member is safari specialist Victoria Herbert. Here’s an introduction. It might be in the genes. Growing up with parents in the travel industry meant that geography was everyone’s favorite subject (and road trip fodder!).  Born in Germany to British parents, Victoria was raised in Germany, the U.S. and Scotland.  It was, Read More

digital detox

While mobile devices enhance our lives in ways we could never have imagined, the downsides are becoming well documented. Information overload can lead to a shortened attention span, looking at your phone before bed can cause disrupted sleep patterns, and the dopamine hit from each new notification can become addictive – on average, people, Read More

March can be a rainy month in southern Africa, but it has its advantages – if you’re heading for Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe you’ll have the rare opportunity to view a lunar rainbow, which requires a clear sky, high water levels and a full moon. The best time to see this is the hours, Read More

If you’re visiting Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas you’re likely to have at least one night’s stop-over in the capital, Kigali. There’s a real buzz here, of an optimistic, young city on the brink of discovery by the wider world. It’s accessible, modern and clean in a progressive way – non-biodegradable plastic has, Read More

Come and enjoy Cape Town and the Western Cape, but be mindful of the current water shortage. This is the message we are continuing to convey to our valued clients. We are encouraging travelers to maintain their current travel plans and/or include a visit to Cape Town for future travel, with the knowledge that, Read More

February marks a massive baby boom in the Southern Serengeti as this is the time of year when the million strong herd of wildebeest give birth, all within a 2-3 week period. The mass calving is a survival tactic to overwhelm the predators that lurk behind the bushes waiting for easy baby prey. It’s, Read More

Our clients often ask us whether to go on safari in East or southern Africa, particularly if they have a ten-day window and want to visit more than one place. By East Africa, we mean Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda (although the last two countries are technically in Central Africa) and southern Africa refers, Read More

January generally starts off quietly in Africa, as New Year’s Day is a public holiday throughout the continent. But in Cape Town the year starts with a real bang and toot with the Cape Minstrel Carnival. On the other side of Africa, the Berber people in in Morocco wait an extra few days, to, Read More

If you plan on spending the December holidays in Africa, here’s what you can expect to enjoy on the festive side of your trip. Remember to book your trip at least a year (if not more) in advance as everyone gets vacation this time of year and local travel is at its peak! Christmas, Read More

If you are planning to visit Africa in December, particularly around the holiday season, make sure to book at least a year, or even two in advance! December marks the beginning of the long summer holidays throughout sub-Saharan Africa, so both local and overseas tourists book their vacations at the beach and at safari lodges and, Read More

Have you looked at your flights and discovered you’ve got 2 to 3 (or even more) hours to kill at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg? All of us here at African Portfolio would be thrilled with such a long layover! In fact, we count on those airport hours to avoid having to carry around, Read More

All of us at African Portfolio love spending time in Cape Town. There are always new restaurants to discover, new tours to try, sights to see, and hotels to check out. Diane, Susan and Anouk were in Cape Town recently, and were reminded of how much they like certain hotels just a little more than others! So we thought, Read More

November is one of our favorite months to travel to Africa. The tourists thin out, airlines often have sales on flights, and the weather begins to warm up (which makes it less painful to wake up at 5 am for the morning game drive)! November brings much needed rain to southern Africa causing a veritable baby, Read More

December through March is the normal “rainy season” for southern Africa. This period is known as the “Emerald” or “Green” season. With a current South African Airways sale going on, there isn’t a better time to book a trip to the region! Trees are in full blooming glory and the birds are simply spectacular. Many, Read More

October marks the final month of the dry season and this is an awesome time to see huge herds of elephant, zebra, buffalo and others gather around the diminishing water holes and trickling rivers. Vegetation is increasingly sparse which makes it a cinch to spot wildlife. October is also the last month of the year to, Read More

Last week we had the pleasure of introducing Sharleen, who recently joined us at African Portfolio. She not only had to grapple with new systems, procedures and colleagues these past few weeks, but she also had to weather Hurricane Irma. With her internet finally re-connected a few days ago, she shares her reflections …   Having just, Read More