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Marrakech is filled with energy every night of the week. The main square, the Djemma el-Fna is a hive of activity with kebab shops, snake charmers, musicians and story-tellers. And it’s really not just for the tourists, villagers from surrounding areas enjoy the spectacle as much as everyone else. But every few months, Marrakech, Read More

Rosalea and Dick just returned from their first African adventure with us. They traveled to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. They visited wineries and penguins, were drenched by the spray of the Victoria Falls and were joined for lunch by and elephant outside their tent in the Okavango Delta. Here are some excerpts from, Read More

One of the most magical things you can do while on safari is take a hot-air balloon ride. Floating over the Serengeti is truly a thrill of a lifetime. It’s not that easy to get the timing right to see the great migration, but the balloon operator in the Serengeti has three launch sites, Read More

Several months ago we arranged a Wilderness safari in Botswana for travel writer Susan Farewell… When you travel to Africa, you inevitably hear someone make reference to having safari eyes. What that basically means is seeing more. Two people can look out at the same savanna. One might see only grasslands rippling in the, Read More

Meet Ezekiel “Big Easy” Ditshameko, one of Okavango Delta’s most experienced guides. Ezekiel grew up in Sepopa, Botswana in the Okavango Delta, an area widely known for its incredible birdlife and mammals. His daily exposure to the bush has given Ezekiel a wealth of knowledge. Coupled with his warm sense of humor and easy-going, Read More

Susan just returned from a trip to Egypt. Her husband joined her while she carried out site inspections in Cairo, Luxor, Abu Simbel, and Hurghada. They also managed to find time to celebrate their anniversary, cruising down the Nile on board the Nile Adventurer. Isadore wrote a daily blog and we thought it would, Read More

Two clients of ours took a trip to Timbavati, a private reserve adjacent to Kruger National park in South Africa. Kent Lawson and Carol Tambor were staying at King’s Camp (see more below). While on a game drive, they filmed this amazing encounter between 3 male lions and a huge herd of more than, Read More

Diane is in Harare and thoroughly enjoying the annual International Festival of the Arts. It’s a very well organized festival that has been getting rave reviews since it started in 1999. The festival was founded by Manuel Bagarro, who by day is actually a concert pianist living and working in New York city. It’s, Read More

The recent discovery of a new hominid species, Australopithecus sediba, in South Africa has really excited us at African Portfolio. We apparently all share a fascination with paleoanthropology, who knew?! The new hominid fossil was found in an area called the “The Cradle of Mankind“. Previous fossil discoveries here have included Australopithecus africanus and, Read More

Egypt has been attracting visitors for thousands of years, and with good reason since its ancient attractions rarely disappoint. But Egypt is quite an overwhelming place to visit and it’s not just the hustle and bustle of the place, but also the sheer heat. The tombs and temples of Luxor are truly fascinating, but, Read More

We are thrilled to announce that Our Savor South Africa Gourmet Adventure has been won by Judy Donahue of Riverside, CT. Judy’s flair with words and passion for travel were exactly what we were looking for when we designed the contest. We received over 1400 entries including rhymes, videos, photos and prose. Here are, Read More

We firmly believe the Victoria Falls should be on everyone’s “must-see” list when visiting Southern Africa. This mile-wide curtain of thundering, falling water is quite something to behold. As the intrepid Victorian explorer David Livingstone remarked “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight“. With sprays reaching up to, Read More

There are quite a few South African chefs dotted around the US, quietly infusing their dishes with typical South African flavors. One of our favorites is Koren Grieveson, who is the Chef de Cuisine at Avec Restaurant in Chicago. Besides creating amazing dishes for Avec, she has made Quesadillas for the Obama family on, Read More

Just a two weeks left until we announce the winner of our Savor South Africa contest. We’re very excited. And just to prove that South Africa really is the best culinary destination in the world, we wanted to share some of the food and wine festivals taking place in the next few months. WitblitsFees, Read More

It was nail-biting watching the wild fires rage out of control in Franschhoek a few weeks ago. They were so close to our favorite lunch spot in the world – La Petit Ferme. Luckily guests were evacuated in time and no one was hurt. The restaurant was spared the worst due to the quick, Read More

Going on safari is an incredibly enriching experience. Whether it’s your first or your tenth safari, you’ll learn something new and fascinating every time you step outside your room. We at African Portfolio are fortunate to have enjoyed numerous safaris, and thought it would be fun to share some wildlife tidbits with you. Did, Read More

South Africa is unique in knowing the exact date on which their wine industry began, thanks to the diary entry of Jan Van Riebeeck, who wrote on February 2, 1659 — “Today, praise be to God wine was pressed for the first time from Cape grapes.” . Van Riebeeck was sent to the Cape, Read More

We’ve been having fun asking people to guess what exactly “Bunny Chow” might be (without looking it up on Google!). We can give you a couple of hints: 1. It’s a typical South African food 2. It originated in Durban 3. It can’t be cooked on a braai* What is Bunny Chow? (polls) *Braai, Read More

Our very own senior consultant Yvette de Vries was interviewed by her local paper earlier this week. The Norwalk Citizen visited African Portfolio‘s office in Connecticut to find out more about our Savor South Africa contest. Here’s a little peek: What was nice for De Vries in putting the proposal together is that it, Read More

Given the quality of restaurants in South Africa, it seems odd that there aren’t too many places you can enjoy South African food in the US. It would take less time to fly to South Africa and dine there, than to find a little nook where you can enjoy some bobotie washed down with, Read More

Curious what a lamb sosatie might be? Imagine chunks of tender lamb, coated with a mix of spices that includes curry, tumeric, garlic and bay leaves. Now grill it on a kebab skewer along with some dried apricots and voila — a little taste of South Africa. Our friends at the River House in, Read More

It’s been a busy week here at African Portfolio, we’re about to announce our “Savor South Africa contest” and thought we’d give you a sneak preview. As many of you know South Africa not only offers some of the best game viewing on the continent, but has of late become one of the greatest, Read More

As much as we love our traditions, we’ve sadly discovered that it’s impossible to throw Boerewors on the braai in sub-zero temperatures. We’re spending Christmas near our office in Connecticut. Guess we’ll just have to go with lamb in the oven and warm ourselves up with a little cup of Amarula Coffee Surprise. This, Read More

If you’re thinking about visiting Egypt, it’s quite likely that you’re considering a cruise up the Nile as part of your itinerary. Sailing up the Nile used to be the only way visitors could get to see some of the amazing temples and tombs along the river banks. These days you can hop on, Read More

While our first love will always be the classic African safari, this past year we’ve engaged in an affair with Morocco. The heart flutters started with our initial wanderings into the imperial cities of Fes, Meknes and Marrakech. These royal cities have long enthralled travelers seeking a little mystical adventure. We were hooked from, Read More

Going on safari is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It isn’t the cheapest vacation around, but it’ll be worth every penny. We think a luxury safari ultimately gives you better value for money than a budget safari. And here’s why: Quality Guides and Trackers — Guides and trackers can make or, Read More

Did You Know …. You can learn how to ride an ostrich while visiting South Africa. If you’re really talented you can even become an ostrich jockey and race professionally. However, ostriches aren’t really the ideal safari vehicle, so some lodges now offer horseback and elephant back safaris for a smoother ride. White rhinos, Read More