The Great Plains Experience

2 min Read March 17, 2022

The Great Plains Experience

Great Plains Conservation, with camps in Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, was founded by the world renowned conservationists and filmmakers, Dereck and Beverly Joubert.  It truly feels like a conservation company that offers a safari experience rather than a safari company that contributes to conservation.  And yet – what an incredible safari experience.

We are delighted to share this special video with you which will no doubt make the Great Plains Conservation experience come alive.

The Great Plains philosophy is that the ‘perfect safari’ means something different to everyone.  For some, it means stunning accommodation in a remote, private concession with as many wildlife-drives as you can fit into a day.  For others, it is being out on foot or in a canoe, active all day and totally disconnected from the world back home. For some it is capturing the perfect photograph of one of Africa’s iconic species, for others, it means spotting every bird on their 111 Club or introducing their children to the bush for the first time with their Young Explorers Programme.

Within the top tier of the luxury safari camp market, Great Plains Conservation premier camps offer generous sized tents, with large decks, bathtubs, indoor/outdoor showers.  Some also have plunge pools.  In-room facilities also include a well-stocked bar and yoga mats.  The Explorer camps harken back to a more traditional safari style, with more modest, yet beautifully decorated tents.  The atmosphere is one of bush elegance with a relaxed bohemian style, light on its footprint but heavy on its experiential luxury.

All the camps offer a fully inclusive safari experience, incorporating both day and night game drives, boat cruises, and guided game walks.   In Botswana, each of the premier camps has a specialty spirit, whether it be vodka, gin or whisky and offers special tastings for interested guests.  Additionally, guests at the premier camps can make use of a complimentary Canon camera and lenses during their stay.

In the words of Derek Joubert: “We don’t do large. We don’t jam tents together. Space, quiet, time and quality are all very precious to you and us.  Our Great Plains family opens its heart to you.  We can’t wait for you to safari with us. Welcome, Dumela, Karibu!”

Contact us to include one of the Great Plains’ camps in your safari itinerary or check out our sample itineraries online: Southern Africa Adventurer and Zimbabwe Exclusive.

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