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All of us at African Portfolio would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2012. We hope it brings you many travel adventures to nourish the soul. 2011 has been a wonderful year for us and we’ve been lucky enough to have visited: South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, Kenya, and Botswana. We’ve, Read More

The summer rains have been less than productive so far this year in Southern Africa as several countries are heading into drought conditions. But for those looking to enjoy safari, dry weather is a positive for wildlife viewing, and some recent rain has added extra volume to the Victoria Falls. The trees are in full, Read More

“How much money should I bring with me on safari, and how should I bring it?”. This is a question we deal with rather a lot and it depends a little on what your destination is, and what you will be doing. If you are spending two weeks in South Africa, then there are, Read More

The continent of Africa is a big place. It’s three times the size of the USA (and yes, that includes Alaska). You can fit the USA, China, India, Europe and Japan into Africa. So pinpointing a safari destination is important. You don’t want to fly into Johannesburg if you wish to spend time in, Read More

Bored with the dull beige colors of your safari outfit? Why not switch up your wardrobe to include a dashing bright orange life jacket. For just a day, throw the floppy sunhat aside and replace it with a vivid blue helmet. Now you’re dressed for success and better yet, you can launch into one, Read More

At African Portfolio we truly believe in the power of tourism. We believe that responsible tourism in Africa leads to a positive impact on both the economy and the environment. In the past decade it’s become quite fashionable among our fellow tour operators to create their own charities in order to sponsor a specific, Read More

At African Portfolio we really enjoy sharing our appreciation for African art, movies and books with our clients. We all have slightly different tastes, but we did manage to come up with a top 5 list of movies set in Africa that we loved. Movies like Hotel Rwanda, Last King of Scotland, Invictus, Cry,, Read More

Imagine a safari as a typical dinner. The landscape is the appetizer; the animals are the main meal; the lodging is the desert. It’s a lovely meal and very satisfying in every way. But what makes an African safari a true gourmet experience are the accompanying sauces. The unique and subtle flavors added to, Read More

In response to the many questions and concerns that this picture has raised, Yvette would like to set the record straight … Was I Afraid? No – I was not afraid. At the time I was just concerned that she would lose her footing and get hurt or stuck, and then panic. She came, Read More

Christian Sperka, a renowned wildlife photographer will be leading a photographic safari for African Portfolio this July. He just completed a four week intensive safari guide course in South Africa’s Limpopo Province with Africa Nature Training (ANT). We thought it would be interesting to ask him about the experience. AP: Where did you take, Read More

Not every trip requires going through a tour operator. If you’re planning a long weekend in Marrakech, it’s a simple matter of booking flights and finding the right Riad to stay at. The same could be said if you’re visiting Cape Town for a week. You might miss out on some of the insider, Read More

It’s expected that around 50 million people will spend their vacation in Africa this year. That’s a mere 4% of all international travel, but the low figures do not reflect what a huge role tourism plays in many African economies. One out of every 20 jobs in Africa is in the tourist and travel, Read More

With more than 900 species of birds in southern Africa and over 1300 in East Africa, it’s easy to understand why destinations like Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, and Kenya are immensely popular with twitchers. Even if you do not consider yourself a big fan of our feathered friends, you will be after your first safari., Read More

Susan, our senior travel consultant, recently enjoyed 9 days in Cape Town. Susan grew up in South Africa and has been to Cape Town many times, yet the city still manages to surprise her with its wealth of quality attractions. From fine dining to penguin-watching, here are some highlights from her recent visit. Where, Read More

Diane had the joy of spending five days on Mnemba island recently. It’s a miracle she managed to drag herself away to get back to work — it truly is a slice of paradise. If you’ve ever dreamed of a private island with white beaches, a warm clear blue ocean, luxury chalets, and spectacular, Read More

We’re very excited to be able to offer our African Portfolio clients an exclusive safari with renowned wildlife photographer Christian Sperka. We met Christian 3 years ago at a charity auction and immediately fell in love with his work. If anyone has been to our office, our walls are adorned with his spectacular wildlife, Read More

“We’re already going to Amboseli for the views of Kilimanjaro and the great numbers of elephants, and to the Masai Mara to see the big cats and predators, possibly the migrating herds crossing the Mara River, and a hot air balloon flight over the plains. Why would we also include Samburu National Reserve on, Read More

It’s that time of year when we pull out the Amarula Coffee Surprise and treat ourselves to a little cocktail. Yvette is heading home for Christmas and sunshine, while the rest of us will hold the fort in freezing Connecticut. Christmas is celebrated throughout South Africa, a little like here in the US. There, Read More

Judy Donahue, our Savor South Africa contest winner, has recently returned from her trip and sent us a lovely letter filled with her impressions of South Africa. Here are some excerpts: After more than a year of anticipation, we are actually on our way to South Africa! It still seems almost impossible to believe, Read More

Show us a safari camp with a “star bed” option and we are sold. The night sky is one of the many wonders you can experience when on safari in East and Southern Africa. And so pleasant to lie in bed and gaze up at the free show. With very little light pollution, the, Read More

Every African country has their national museums, they tend to vary from excellent to somewhat rundown. But there are also plenty of art galleries that few have heard of outside the continent. You can see as well as purchase, excellent high quality, contemporary African art at the galleries listed below: Art Galleries in Egypt, Read More

We are not surprised that Prince William proposed to long time girlfriend Kate Middleton while on safari in Kenya. The combination of luxury lodges, romantic tented camps, incredible amount of wildlife, and gorgeous landscapes, makes Kenya the perfect destination for couples in love. William and Kate had spent time together in Kenya on previous, Read More

An African safari is not the type of vacation you plan at the last minute. Because of this, we’re often asked “when is the best time to go?”. It’s a loaded question since it really depends on what you would like to see and do. We can probably all agree that the weather is, Read More

Safaris do not come cheap. Partly because they take place in remote settings where supplies are hard to come by. The logistics of running a camp or a lodge in the middle of the African bush is very complicated when the closest shop is 500 miles away, and there’s no guarantee it will be, Read More

Yvette, senior travel consultant at African Portfolio, takes a plunge into the world of spa’faris, where new-age muzak is (thankfully) replaced by the natural sounds of the African bush. Save room for the woodcarving, leave the manicure set at home… Quite a few years ago, I (honestly) had a really lovely bride send me, Read More

Whether you’ve already booked your African honeymoon, or are considering a honeymoon in Africa, we have some side trips that you can create a registry for. It’s a great way to add a little adventure to your honeymoon and it can also make it more affordable. Your friends and family have a chance to, Read More

There’s nothing more adventurous, fun, and educational than a family safari in Africa. A family safari offers a unique opportunity to watch your children connect with different cultures and find that common bond. Seeing rare and beautiful animals in their own habitat is not just exciting but also helps bring home the importance of, Read More

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we all had on our family trip to Africa.  It was without a doubt the most incredible experience of my life.  The people of South Africa were phenomenal and so kind.  All of our accommodations were more than we could have hoped for.  The, Read More

Botswana is one of the best safari destinations in Africa, known for its vast unspoiled wilderness areas, exclusive safari camps and excellent game viewing. It gets even better in October with the dry season in full swing and the wildlife concentrating in ever larger numbers around permanent water sources. If you have always dreamed, Read More

Choosing the right safari accommodation is no easy task. Should you opt for a mobile camp, a luxury tented camp, or a lodge? When helping clients decide where to stay, we’re sometimes asked what our favorites are. Of course, we all have our personal preferences and we thought it would be fun to share, Read More