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Anouk travelled to Zambia in October 2019; she spent two weeks visiting over a dozen lodges in the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa National Parks. October is one of the hotter months in Zambia, and this year particularly so with temperatures over 40C. The dry heat made for truly fantastic game viewing, but also, Read More

For most people, holidays mean spontaneity and freedom from your day to day routine.  It can come as a surprise then to arrive on safari and find your daily routine dictated by the rhythm of the bush and the logistics required to deliver first class service in a remote setting.   Dawn alarm calls, set, Read More

The list of diseases and other health hazards you can potentially encounter while traveling in Africa take up several chapters in every guide book. It can be a little daunting even if you are not a hypochondriac. The key is to be smart and also realistic about your risks. A disease like ebola is, Read More

Our clients often ask us whether to go on safari in East or Southern Africa, what makes these destinations different and why? By East Africa, we mean Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda (although the last two countries are technically in Central Africa) and Southern Africa refers to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and, Read More

While Cape Town commands all the attention, we encourage you to consider adding a day or two at the start (or the end) of your trip to discover what’s happening in Johannesburg. Although South Africa’s largest city is vast, it’s easy enough to get around by taxi, however, we recommend you let us book, Read More

As the peak summer safari season is now in full swing, we thought it timely to look forward to summer in Africa (December through March).   These “emerald” or “green” season months have so much to offer for those of you looking to escape the cold, gray days of winter for the warmth of the, Read More

Travel insurance is a boring topic, but it’s a vital part of planning a safari, and we are experts at that! Because safaris take place in rather remote locations, clients of African Portfolio are covered for emergency medical services and/or evacuation transportation while on safari. We also encourage all our clients to purchase additional, Read More

Recent changes in tourist visa requirements, and online applications now available for for Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia, as well as the always evolving rules for minors entering South Africa, are good reminders for us all to stay up to date with official entry requirements when traveling to and from Africa. Updates: The KAZA UniVisa acts as a, Read More

The customary gratuity to safari guides and camp staff is one of those “preparing for your safari” topics that we get the most questions about.  It seems to produce anxiety even among the most well traveled of us.  Knowing beforehand how much to tip and when to tip  on safari will simplify the process, Read More

This time of year many of our clients are anticipating their upcoming safaris, and the questions about “what to pack” are coming in fast and furious! Packing for a safari can be a real challenge as you have figure out how to fit your camera equipment, binoculars, medications, as well as various layers of clothing, Read More

As some of you may have already had the good fortune to experience first hand, a safari is an exciting, educational, adventurous, and unique holiday, but also one that requires a fair amount of pre-planning. Once you have your itinerary, visas and vaccinations all sorted out, there’s one more thing that is worth reading, Read More

In Tanzania the migrating herds of zebra and wildebeest are moving north in the Serengeti, the youngsters are all steady on their legs and enjoying an abundance of fresh grass with the first of the long rains. The rains are still coming down in parts of southern Africa this year, so birds and butterflies are, Read More

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is a city full of contrasts.   It’s old enough to feel its past and multi-ethnic enough to experience the rich Kenyan culture.  With a population of nearly four million, the city blends people from all cultures and walks of life. Many of our clients find themselves with one or two nights, Read More

Already well into the new year, we are overdue in providing an update on African Portfolio’s continuing efforts to have a positive influence on the lives of those less fortunate – only made possible with your valued contributions.   As we work to make your safari dreams a reality, we are continually aware of the, Read More

In the words of St Augustine — “The world is a book, and only those who do not travel read only a page”.  Saint Augustine lived in the 4th and 5th Century in northern Africa and Italy. In an age when few people traveled more than a few kilometers from where they were born,, Read More

With so many of our clients interested in gorilla treking, we thought you would enjoy this first hand account of written by one of our valued repeat clients, Stacy Dalton, who writes a blog of her own called Grape Finds, offering recommendations, education and observations on wines from all over the world.  Well worth the read!, Read More

Set between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful Falls in the world. Here the Zambezi River is over a mile wide and plunges into a vertical abyss across its entire width, with the force of the falling water sends spray clouds high into the air – giving, Read More

With the holiday season upon us, we are enjoying a hearty discussion around the office about gift ideas.  In the spirit of avoiding too much clutter, the conversation inevitably turns to travel experiences as a fantastic substitute for classic gift giving for many occasions! While we continue to offer fantastic itineraries for honeymooners, anniversary, Read More

If you plan on spending the December holidays in Africa, here’s what you can expect to enjoy on the festive side. Remember to book your trip at least a year (if not more) in advance as everyone gets vacation this time of year and local travel is at its peak. The history of Christianity, Read More

We’ve put together a guide that covers three types of gifts – useful and/or fun items to give someone to take on safari, suggestions for the ideal gift to buy folks back home when you go on safari, and some high-quality gifts available online that support Fair Trade principles. Happy shopping! Gifts for someone, Read More

There are few things more annoying than returning from your safari with hundreds of photos of barely distinguishable blobs of gray and brown surrounded by grass, shrubs and trees. You will bore your friends and family, you may even bore yourself when you look through them years later. If you want your safari photos to look, Read More

Vanessa recently spent a wonderful ten days on safari in Kenya along with her 12-year-old son Jake. Here’s her report… I hadn’t been to Kenya for quite some years, and I have to say that I was blown away, not only by the properties I visited but the people I met along the way., Read More

How far in advance should you plan your safari? The quick answer is, ideally a year. For some people though, a year is an awfully long time to plan ahead. Who knows what will happen over the course of a busy year, and to pay for and confirm a trip that far in advance, Read More

A classic safari can be a somewhat sedentary affair, consisting of long game drives interspersed with (delicious) food and drink, so our clients often ask about more active or adventurous options. These can range from walking safaris and canoe trips to adrenalin-fuelled quad biking, white-water rafting and bungee jumping, depending on your destination (and, Read More

The right age to bring a child on safari depends on the individual, but in general we find that kids age 8 and over get more out of the experience and are better able to cope with long flights and jet-lag. That being said, a safari can be an exciting and adventurous experience for, Read More

Interest in gorilla trekking has grown significantly in recent years and is expected to get an even bigger boost thanks to the visit this year by the well-known TV talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. Although numbers are steadily increasing due to conservation efforts, there are only just over 1,000 mountain gorillas left in the, Read More

As we tell our clients, travel to Africa offers so much opportunity to give back. We are all inspired when we visit local communities, help support local wildlife efforts, and “pack with a purpose“. In fact, all of you are giving back by spending your tourism dollars when you book your trip with African, Read More

The Big 5 - Rhinos

The Big 5 is a term originally coined by hunters to describe the animals they found the most dangerous to hunt on foot – namely, lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino. Depending on where you travel on safari, you can reasonably expect to see all five – with rhino and leopard being somewhat, Read More

Victoria just returned from a fantastic trip to Kenya. She shares her safari experiences with us in her own words … Being in Kenya during the long rains is like visiting for the first time.  Everyone is delighted to see you, chats about the weather and how the wildlife is enjoying the new green, Read More

Anouk recently returned from a 12 day trip to South Africa and Mozambique. Her mission was to visit as many Kruger area lodges as she could, and then spend a few days exploring the Mozambique coast around Vilanculos and the island of Benguerra.  She managed to visit over a dozen of our favorite safari, Read More