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Meet Susan

susan-african-safari-safari-guideThough born in Brooklyn, Susan spent most of her life in South Africa. She fondly remembers going to Kruger National Park as a child with her family, and years later, standing in line for hours to vote for Nelson Mandela. “We didn’t care if we had to wait all day,” she said. “We were going to vote.”

Susan has spent the last 18 years helping to bring the thrill of African travel to her clients, earning her recognition as an African specialist by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Her goal every time she plans a client’s trip is to, in her words, “wow them.” Susan says, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations because “We all love what we do. We work hard at it. And we know what we’re talking about.”

Susan is still amazed at the power of the African wilds, and how it can bring people together. Her favorite trip was a family safari to Botswana. “You just get to spend quality time with the people you care about in a beautiful place.” Susan is a Certified Travel Associate, ATC Adventure Travel Specialist, South African Tourism FUNDI Specialist and previous APTA Board Member.