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The Mayer Family


We are in flight at the moment from Amsterdam. (Gotta love WiFi in flight) We had a fabulous time. I mean FABULOUS!!

We simply could not have been happier. We saw so much… and the people were so kind and welcoming.

We absolutely loved our guide at Saruni Samburu (Jommy) and Saruni Mara/wild -Kisame (no idea how to spell his name but that’s how it sounds).

The Lewa and Nairobi guides were good but the Saruni guides were just so outstanding.

My favorite was Samburu, but I think the rest of the family says the Mara…of course seeing the baby elephants and giraffes was so awesome also.

I really liked the hike to the forest at Lewa- Ngare Ndare to the waterfall, it was really fun.

Thank you so much for your help!!! Brian got the most amazing leopard photo… will send to you when I have land WiFi!

Best,  Teresa & family

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