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The Grossman Family

How would you rate your trip overall? Excellent
Comment: The accommodations, guides and activities were excellent and specically guides at Lion Sands – Quintin and our tracker Noel were in a league of their own!!! Accommodations at Tongabezi and Sindibezi were beyond amazing!!

What was the most important reason for choosing AFRICAN PORTFOLIO?
Expertise – Planning this trip with someone from the area was extremely beneficial
Comment: Anouk’s availability was great and she has a lot of integrity and great follow through with requests. Just a complete pleasure to work with!!

How many safari companies did you consider before selecting AFRICAN PORTFOLIO?
One or Two

How would you rate AFRICAN PORTFOLIO’S representatives in Africa?
South Africa – Excellent
Botswana – Very Good
Zambia – Excellent
Comment: Chobe guides were not quite as warm and charming as all the others.

What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive prior to your departure from home?
I think we would have preferred the 2 bedroom suite at Chobe even though there was only 1 bathroom. We got the opportunity to see one and loved it! Our single rooms were not quite as lovely. In the scheme of importance it was not that important though!

How would you describe your accommodation, facilities and meals?
Cape Grace – excellent on all levels
Lion Sands – incredibly phenomenal on all levels!!
Tongabezi/Sindebezi – most excellent on all levels!!
Chobe – very good on all levels

What and where was your favorite meal of the trip?
Elephant Cafe!!!
Lion Sands food right up there as well!

How would you evaluate your safari guides and staff?
All 4 of us felt that Quintin (guide) and Noel (tracker) at Lion Sands stood out for their knowledge, warmth and enthusiasm. What a team they are!! Please please relay this to their superiors!!!

Was there anything you would have liked more of, less of, or done differently?
Probably would have liked to experience somewhere other than Chobe – perhaps a smaller place, but did enjoy their BOMA and boat cruises! I realize that was chosen due to airline preferences but would have made an exception knowing what I know now.

What was your most memorable moment in Africa?
Too many moments: Elephant interaction and cafe, helicopter ride over the Falls and the guys loved the raft trip. Also seeing the Lion chowing down on an elephant carcass and watching the elephants come back to grieve at the site of the carcass at Lion Sands…Wow!!

If you could give future travelers one word of advice, what would it be?
Craft market in Zambia was a high pressure experience and did not enjoy the harassment but did realize they hustle for their livelihood. Could have used a lesson on how to deal with that beforehand.
Our daughter had a friend in Cape town who gave us a recommendation to go the the Biscuit Market!! Highly recommend the Biscuit Mill Market for ages 16 and up for foodies, live local music and pop up shops chalk full of great stuff -much better than going to market next to Cape Grace.
…and go for the helicopter ride!!!! Only way to really appreciate the Falls/gorge!!!

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