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Mike and Terri C.

Dear Anouk,
Terri and I are very upset with you and African Portfolios!  If you had told us earlier how wonderful South Africa is and what a great job you and your company does for your clients we would have come much earlier and stayed a lot longer.
All kidding aside we are having a wonderful time.  Both Garth Angus and Craig were wonderful guides. They were friendly knowledgeable and were extremely flexible and accommodating. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Cape Town except we both needed to buy clothes with larger waistbands from all the eating.
We are on our way to Moremi and can’t wait to continue our adventure. Thanks again for all of your help and planning. The attention to detail has been wonderful.
Sorry for being a wise acre in the beginning of this note.
All the best.
Mike and Terri

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