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Louise R. and Joao C.

Dear Vanessa,

The honeymoon was absolutely magical and we cannot thank you enough for making it happen!

We had a fabulous time and were happily suprised by some of the lodges and experiences. Things that stood out were 1) the guide in Johannesburg who was extremely knowledgeable and kind, 2) the quality of all the lodges in Botswana which were at a very high standard with positive and helpful staff, 3) the amount and variation of aminals that we were able to see and how the three areas we visited in Botswana offered different microclimates, 4) the experience with a night out under the stars in the salt desert offered at the last lodge in the desert region and lastly 5) how smooth the travel arragement from your side were and how well taken care of we felt along the wholel trip.

So thank you again for all you help in making our honeymoon a memory of a lifetime!

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