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Liesl and Pete C.

Full Name Pete Chapola
How would you rate your trip overall? Excellent
What was the most important reason for choosing AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? Expertise
Please Specify Company rating in Fodors travel guide initially guided us to African Portfolio.
Comment: The quick thorough response to our initial inquiries sealed the deal.
How many safari companies did you consider before selecting AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? Three or Four
Comment: Pullmans in Kenya was very good. Only had contact with them in Nairobi.

No contact with Rangers in Tanzania. Everything handled by Elewana.

What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive prior to your departure from home? Preparation was excellent.
How would you describe your accommodation, facilities and meals? Please provide the name of the hotel, lodge or camp you are describing. All properties were first class.
What and where was your favorite meal of the trip? Breakfast in the bush at Lewa.
How would you evaluate your safari guides and staff? Please provide the name of the person you are describing. All safari guides were excellent.
Was there anything you would have liked more of, less of, or done differently? Trip sequencing was perfect. All of the details were taken care of and it was extremely smooth.
What was your most memorable moment in Africa? Two things. First the safari far exceeded our expectations and was probably the best trip we have ever taken. Second, was the extreme poverty in the countries we visited. So much so that we are exploring ways to improve the lives of some of the people in Kenya and Tanzania. Any suggestions in this area would be appreciated.
If you could give future travelers one word of advice, what would it be? Though a trip like this can be expensive it is worth spending a little more to go with a top tier company like African Portfolio!


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