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Kathleen & Bob C.

Thank you for the bottle of wine and the great trip you set up for us.  Had a wonderful time.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.  Food was outstanding!  Not a diet trip for sure.  Got several African massages. I liked the way you set the trip going from good to great on the camps.  They all had their unique ways.   Johannesburg was an eye opener.  Hard to believe people live like they do.  Makes you appreciate what you’ve got.  The person who met us at the airport was great.  Helped us get through customs, get our bags and to the hotel.   The afternoon tour guide was also good.  Took us all over town and showed us the highs and lows.  The Apartheid museum was an eye opener also. Thank you for suggesting the tour.  The first camp Imbabala Sarah and John and their staff were great.  Had impala and elephants in the yard when we got there.  What a way to start.   Stan, the guide, is the man!  How he saw the animals I don’t know how.  Study the pic to see if you can find the lion?   Since I couldn’t tell if I got a picture he found two others that I could see.   Had a great massage here.  Chobe National Park and Notten’s were both great too.  Had nice people and were very friendly.  T, our guide and Kenny, our tracker, found a lot of animals including a leopard for us up close and personal.  Our first bush walk was interesting and so was our guide, also named T.  He explanined about tracking and footprints etc.  Dale the camp manager showed me a lions print on the pool wall.  We also had a Cape buffalo right outside our bedroom window.  I heard a noise and looked out and their he was looking at me.  All the separated us was the window.  Wish I had had my camera ready.  Our second night they had a hot bath drawn and champagne on the bathroom floor waiting for us.  I could get used to that.   The staff was great.   Simbambili was over the top.  Ashleigh couldn’t do enough for us.  The staff waited on us hand and foot.  We got to meet the big male baboon who was coming to see us on our balcony.  I had left the glass slider open and the screen was the only thing between really getting to know him. I guess he knows how to open the doors so you need to make sure they are locked.  We were just coming back in the room when he showed up at the screen door.  He wasn’t a happy camper.  Our guide, Jaben, and tracker, Rodney, made sure we found animals that we hadn’t seen yet.  The camp had the local choir headed by Glory, our waitress, perform one evening and they were superb.   Gave us a flavor of African culture.  Overall weight loss was not in my plan.  Food was superb every place, service over the top and the animals showed up (after a little looking) but we weren’t disappointed.  We didn’t get to see a cheetah or the wild dogs but hey we’ll have to go back I guess.    Thank you again.    Kathy

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