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Karen N.

The trip exceeded our expectations! From start to finish, it was smooth and efficient with dependable service. We felt taken care of throughout our journey. The pacing and sequence of the itinerary was perfect and we didn’t feel rushed off our feet like we missed something or stayed too long for it to become boring. African Portfolio allowed us the flexibility to customize every aspect of the itinerary. More importantly, a personal touch made a huge difference. Anouk made us feel that making our trip fantastic was her priority. She was conscientious to our budget and paid attention to every single detail. Her prompt responses were much appreciated. All of our lodging was superb! The breakfasts offered at Da Vinci, Royal Livingstone, More Quarters, and Oude Werf were simply outstanding. We really enjoyed Simbambili and Oude Werf (only wish we stayed at Oude Werf longer!). But I’d have to say he lunch overlooking the winery at Tokara was stunning in presentation and taste! In terms of our guides: Jacob (Johannesburg) was accommodating, managed to fit in all items on our bucket list. Doug/Rodney (Simbambili)had extensive knowledge of wildlife and conservation efforts and Garth (Cape Town)was truly exceptional, knowledgeable, friendly & personable, maximum kudos and “Best Guide” award! Spending 2 days with him was a valuable aspect of our trip. What was your most memorable moment in Africa? So many priceless moments! Wildlife viewing during the river safari and Kruger game drives was most memorable. If you could give future travelers one word of advice, what would it be? Even though you plan on tipping, bring more for the number of staff that are eager to help (in particular, at The Royal Livingstone). Pack much lighter than the max. weight limit-this avoids any airline difficulties and allows you to bring back more souvenirs! If you have an early arrival, make sure to book an early check-in on the first morning.

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