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Karen Galleberg

We had a great time, everything was very smooth (that you arranged). The only glitch were the flights that we booked – I’ll fill you in so you can warn any future clients! Fortunately things all worked out and we made it there (and back)!

We really loved our safari guide, tracker, and waiter at the lodge – the guide was a wealth of information and we learned so much. Our tracker lived in the village where the school was built and he drove us there to see his village, the school, and he then introduced us to the chief. The chief is being replaced by one of his sons and Joe (our tracker) explained how that would take place. Fascinating. We also liked all the guides we had in Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

It’s the first time we travelled with so much help and I have to say we loved it!

We especially loved talking with the local guides about the history, politics, economy, etc. of South Africa – 5 people and 5 different viewpoints made it educational as well as a lot of fun. We are all interested and curious about the places we visit so having so many locals to talk to really made the trip.

The restaurant we went to with our friend (the bet winner) was called Salsify at the Roundhouse and it was spectacular – I would definitely recommend it. We ate at The Lawns another night – same location but casual outdoor dining. Gorgeous sunset views from both restaurants…

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