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Julia and Zach Fuller

Hi Anouk,

We had an absolutely amazing time!
Cape Town was absolutely beautiful and the people were so kind and welcoming. We booked a wine tour through the hotel, which was fantastic and opened our eyes up to a number of incredible new South African Reds. We also checked out the Woodstock Market on Saturday, which was such a great suggestion! We will clearly need to go back to Cape Town, because we had multiple road blocks when it came to getting up to Tabletop. The final road block was our last day, when we had tickets in hand, and a fire started on the mountain and all of the cable cars were cancelled for the rest of the day.
Notten’s was incredible and the highlight of our trip.  We will definitely be returning! We saw the big 5 within our first few hours of arriving and had close encounters with some upset elephants, a rhino, and a hippo. The setting was incredible and everyone that worked there was absolutely wonderful. I am pretty sure that we have my parents convinced to book a Safari next year there, so be ready for their email to come through to you before too long.
We also met people in Notten’s who had booked their trip through you, they actually were in our jeep with us during our overlaps.
Thank you for all of the recommendations! We had an incredible time and certainly are planning to make another trip to South Africa!

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