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John and Anita F.

Wonderful experience. Everything went very smoothly.   Anouk did an excellent job preparing us for our adventure!

In terms of our accommodations,  Arusha Coffee, Treetops, Ngorongoro Manor & Migration Camp were uniformly excellent. Hotels in Rwanda & J-burg were very comfortable. Virunga Lodge is a beautiful location and wonderful facility. Vic Falls Hotel was great. Machaba is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed. All our meals were terrific with excellent variety.    Our farewell dinner at Migration Camp and the private and bush dinners at Machaba were particularly memorable.

Our guides Jabir (Ranger Safaris) & Elias (Migration Camp) were both terrific in Tanzania.  All the staff at Arusha Coffee, Treetops, Ngorongoro Manor & Migration Camp were excellent. Our guide at Machaba, Leopard, was great as was the rest of the staff. In Rwanda, Musa was more a driver than a guide. Other staff was very helpful but Virunga was great.

Our entire trip was incredibly memorable but the gorilla trek is such a unique experience that it has to stand out as particularly special.   The tip we would give to future travelers is be prepared for adventure, not vacation & always have your camera ready.

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