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Jennie and Liza N.

Hi, Susan:

We start our journey home today. The vacation has been a real success. Jennie and I were thrilled to see the Serengeti and found Tanzania to be a beautiful country. It’s hard to imagine, with its myriad resources, why it is so impoverished.Thanks again for the tour of Stone Town. I had no knowledge of the East African slave trade, and found the museum fascinating.  At one point, after seeing so many exotic birds on Safari, I inquired about one on the ground in Stone Town only to be told it was a chicken. The Elewana hotels were outstanding. What incredible locations and attentive service.  I must say in closing that the real revelation was the kindness and sweetness of the Tanzanian people. They were wonderful in Uganda too. Jennie studied Arabic so Swahili was not that difficult, and the people were happy to help her learn it.

I hope sometime to come back to see the gorillas. All the best, and thanks so much for everything you did to make the vacation so amazing and delightful. Will call you when we get back, Liza

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