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Jeffrey P.

Thanks to Yvette, all the arrangements worked smoothly.  As always, the top quality guides are what made the difference between a normal trip and an outstanding one!  The information supplied in advance was well thought out and comprehensive. My only suggestion would be to emphasize the need to take more small bills ($1, $5, $10) than you think you need. No one ever looked even once at the date on the currency so I wouldn’t bother worrying about that.  Everything was well explained by the Ranger Guide personnel.  The accommodations were all excellent and the personnel in the camps most welcoming and friendly, especially so at Mwagusi. If I had it to do over, I would have skipped the fancy hotel or made it the last stop before heading home. I preferred the informality of the camps.  The food at Mwagusi and Lake Masek camps was really good. The tomato soup at Lake Masek is to die for. Wish I’d had some this trip. They served it the meal we missed as we left for the airport to fly home!  All three of our guides in the Serengeti (from Ranger Safaris) are absolutely outstanding and extremely knowledgeable. My guess is they are the best that the company has to offer. They were Mohamed Rashidi, Hassan John Mgonja and “Hillary” . All three are to be commended. They made the trip!   Perhaps the excitement of both we tourists and our guide at seeing a pack of Wild Dogs. None had been see in the area for months and we saw at least 5.   Or, perhaps, the leopard we saw on the way to our very first camp.  My one word of advice to other travelers would be  “Don’t be in a rush. Sit back and enjoy nature and the animals at their pace. Being patient can often lead to an extremely rewarding sighting. Don’t try and do Africa in 4 days. You’ll miss WAY to much! Enjoy the smaller animals, birds and other wildlife and the stunning scenery, not just the “big 5″. If you rush you’ll miss the trip’s essence.”

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