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Erin C. and William M.

Our trip was amazing actually!  Anouk perfectly curated the experience so that it built and built into a more beautiful trip every single day. Whenever it came time to transition within the trip we weren’t ready to go, but were excited to see what came next!   For instance, we weren’t ready to leave Capetown, but were excited to go to wine country, then Sabi Sands, and so on!   We were very impressed with African Portfolio’s in country representatives. Each person who met us to make our transports between stops was professional and courteous and willing to help in any way he could. Our guide in Capetown was so perfect in every way!   Savannah Lodge was amazing and we want to go back as soon as possible but were some issues with bad smells in our room that seemed to be septic related. When we figured out how to get our A/C running properly it seemed to resolve a lot. Otherwise PERFECT! Tswalu accommodations are perfection in every way; though the staff at Savannah are the best!  Neal at Savannah Lodge was BEYOND amazing. Nobody, guests included, was more excited to be out on safari as Neal. His enthusiasm for every rock, stick, plant and creature is inspiring. We would go back to SA just to visit Neal and his lovely wife.   In terms of the food experience, hands down the best meal we had was a lamb curry for lunch at Savannah Lodge. The breakfasts at Cape Cadogan were wonderful too! Loved the quinoa cakes. We also had outstanding meals at La Colombe, Pot Luck Club and Tswalu. Our favorite meal at Tswalu was the meal we got to grill out ourselves on the Malori sleepout. The chef met with us to plan.   Several of our most memorable moments included:  1) dinner at the sleep out Malori at Tswalu under the super moon. 2) riding horses to the Malori, through a group of giraffe (Our guide was very discouraging about doing the horse rides and so we didn’t immediately sign up, the ride ended up being our favorite thing. We wish we could have done more rides!)

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