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Clark K. and Lisa S.

How would you rate your trip overall?   Excellent

What was the most important reason for choosing AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? Repeat Client  Comment: Susan was fantastic, as always. Great recommendations and stellar service!

How many safari companies did you consider before selecting AFRICAN PORTFOLIO?  None

How would you rate AFRICAN PORTFOLIO’S representatives in Africa?  South Africa – Excellent

What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive prior to your departure from home? Nothing. Everything we needed was there.

What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive from our representatives in Africa while on safari?  Nothing

How would you describe your accommodation, facilities and meals? Please provide the name of the hotel, lodge or camp you are describing.  It’s Singita. Of course everything was wonderful, as expected.

How would you evaluate your safari guides and staff? Please provide the name of the person you are describing.  Nick at Sweni and Coleman at Ebony were terrific guides. Highly recommended. All staff were wonderful.

Was there anything you would have like more of, less of, or done differently?  stay longer

What was your most memorable moment in Africa? Watching pride of lions stalk and unsuccessfully attack a herd of buffalo.

If you could give future travelers one word of advice, what would it be? stay longer

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