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Channa Beth Butcher

How would you rate your trip overall? Excellent
Comment: It was the best trip ever!  The wildlife sightings were beyond belief, the food was delicious, our guides were outstanding, and all of the staff at the lodges where we stayed made us feel so welcome!
What was the most important reason for choosing AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? Repeat Client
Please Specify All other trips were excellent as well.
How many safari companies did you consider before selecting AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? None
How would you rate AFRICAN PORTFOLIO’S representatives in Africa?
  Excellent Very Good Average Poor
South Africa
Comment: We really didn’t have much interaction with them.  Since we have been there so many times, we know which line to get in for fast service,etc.  Our friends, however, were glad to have the security as they went in a different direction to fly to Rwanda.
What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive prior to your departure from home? None
How would you describe your accommodation, facilities and meals? Please provide the name of the hotel, lodge or camp you are describing. All were fantastic and we enjoyed the food and camaraderie of the staff at each lodge.  Elephant Pepper in the Mara, Lewa Safari Camp, and Saruni Samburu all exceeded our expectations.  At Ololo, because they were not busy, they upgraded our rooms when we returned at the end of the 2 weeks.  John and Karen has the Tower Suite and we had the Terrace Room.
What and where was your favorite meal of the trip? Elephant Pepper-traditional lunch
Lewa-traditional dinner added to a regular dinner!
Saruni Samburu-Mango Mousse
Ololo Lodge-Duck Breast In creamy sauce with gnocchi
We liked buffet lunches at Elephant Pepper and Lewa better than plated lunch at Samburu but food there was still delicious.
How would you evaluate your safari guides and staff? Please provide the name of the person you are describing. Sammy-guide at Elephant Pepper-excellent!  Amos-Beverage person-excellent
Tom-guide at Lewa-even better than excellent
Robert and Emmanuel-guides at Samburu-very good.  Benson, Kennedy, and Simon were beverage/food servers and they were great!
Was there anything you would have liked more of, less of, or done differently? To stay longer!
What was your most memorable moment in Africa? Loved following the cheetahs for an hour and a half, then watching the kill and staying while they ate it – Mara
The male lion dragging his Topi almost to our car and eating it while swatting 2 cubs away-Mara
Wild dogs running, running, running and enjoying a kill-Samburu
If you could give future travelers one word of advice, what would it be? I couldn’t give just one word of advice!
Embrace the beauty of Africa through its wildlife, scenery, and people!  Open your mind, breathe in the air, and let the magic of Africa carry you away!

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