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Channa Beth and Stephen B.

Yvette!   What a totally amazing trip we are having!    Food, people, accommodations, animal viewing!  We will have to talk when we return to share stories.   Thank you SO much for your hard work.

Unbelievable!   The chef at Tarangire knows I want local food!   Trip of a lifetime!

We would also like to suggest that Prosper Haule be recommended for any trips you do in Tanzania.  He is the most amazing person and guide… knowledgeable to the utmost and he goes out of his way to get you to see what you want. For example, today he knew I wanted to see a crocodile and we saw 2.  Doug had mentioned briefly he would like to see a big male lion and he drove us to within mere feet of a pride of 22!  We have seen 61 lions, cheetah and Cubs, leopards, 4 rhinos, greater kudu and 12 lions in a tree, among all the rest of the beautiful animals here!  He is very hard working and just a fabulous man.

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