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Carol and David Morris

Hi Susan

Thank you for your very nice welcome home card and I do hope that you enjoyed your vacation as well.

I do not have enough superlatives to express how wonderful our trip was.  Obviously, you know how very beautiful and really stunning the scenery is…in the bush, in Cape Town and the Winelands.  But…the safaris were much more enjoyable than we ever thought they would be…really thrilling and beautiful in their own way…although the “law of the jungle” is very tough and in stark relief in the bush.  Actually, we can not stop looking at our photos and reliving all of the moments and the wonderful people we met along the way.  The African people, of all backgrounds, were absolutely wonderful to us and the soul of hospitality and competence. We found the safari lodges to be especially welcoming and inclusive.  That said…everyone was great everywhere we went.

My one concern about the trip was the small aircraft flights that were on the itinerary.  Although Mack Air’s reservation system seemed a bit quirky, they delivered us on time and safely and gave us a preview of the areas we were about to visit….seeing the elephants walking in the waters of the Delta from the air was magical.

Over and above how wonderful the trip was…your recommendations and arrangements were flawless.  We were always met and transported with a nice welcome and lots of good information, our tour guide in Cape Town, Matt, was wonderful and each hotel/lodge was accommodating and really perfect in beauty and service.  The Cape Grace concierges were excellent and again went above and beyond.

Although we stayed in five different locations, we had time to enjoy each one and to enjoy each other…so thank you for helping us to plan our time and travel to make it so.

You must have passed along the fact that we were celebrating our 70th birthdays…because each place we stayed had a cake or gift for us and much celebration…it was really so lovely and touching…thank you.

We would very much like to plan another trip to Africa.  It would be nice to start dreaming and thinking about it.

I guess I did find almost enough superlatives…many thanks and warm regards,

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