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Caren B.

Surpassed all of my expectations! African Portfolio was highly recommended by my friends! Everyone from beginning to end was so kind, super friendly and extremely professional. All the accommodations were superb — African Tulip, Ngorongoro Farm House, Mbuze Mawe Tented Camp, Kigali Serena and Virunga Lodge! Each location had its own unique characteristics to enjoy. We had delicious meals everywhere we went. I especially enjoyed all the soups and fresh fruits and vegetables. I am a breakfast gal though, so I really loved the buffet breakfast at Kigali Serena…wow, the choices!! In terms of the safari guides, I have to give a special, special shout out to Prosper of Ranger Safari’s. My sis and I really bonded with Prosper!! He was so attentive and kind and good to us – I cried the day I had to say good-bye to him! He made our safari in Tanzania even more memorable than I could have ever imagined!! Truly, ALL of the guides/staff were AMAZING! This was my dream trip come true and I cannot imagine anything I would have done differently! The most memorable moment was seeing that FIRST Silverback in the Virunga Mountains…it really took my breath away. I am still filled with awe that I had this experience! If you could give future travelers one word of advice, I would say book it NOW, don’t wait for “someday!!”

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