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Candy and Jim S.

This trip was just wonderful. Yvette had everything planned. The Wilderness Safari Guide, Janice, in Cape Town was so interesting and pleasant. Like touring with a friend. The Camps were great. The accommodations, food, safaris, and guides and trackers were excellent. We really just had lots of fun. Saw all the animals.

Yvette, planned a trip for us to Tanzania and Kenya three years ago. It was wonderful. She had told me, (when I questioned how I could remember everywhere I had to be and everything I was supposed to do), when you leave Atlanta, you will not have to worry about a thing. And she was correct. People just showed up when they were supposed to…and told us what to do and where to be. So easy, and fun, fun, fun. So glad we chose African Portfolio.   All of African Portfolio’s representatives were so knowledgeable, smart and polite. Very helpful, when we needed to get a visa in Zambia. Then when we crossed the border into Botswana, they told us exactly what to say, and where to stand, and what to do.

In terms of the hotels and safari camps:

12 Apostles Hotel-Capetown.Very nice.

Savanna Lodge-Sabi Sand-Food good. Beautiful tent. Nice travelers and wonderful staff.(enjoyed their interaction at meals…we all ate together). Daniel at Savannah Lodge was great-very smart and knowledgeable.

Toka Leya-Zambia. Good food. Nice tent. Fun people to visit with  and wonderful staff.   Histon at Toka Leya was really good. He took us fishing, and took us on game drives.

Kwetsani-Botswana. Good food. Nice tent. Staff very friendly and guide so fun!!   Meshack, our guide was just wonderful. Quite a character. Very personable, and fun to be with.

If you could give future travelers one word of advice, what would it be?  Do like we did. Use a great African specialist. The private safari….like the 2 of us….and then meeting up with others to enjoy the trip was just wonderful. Thank goodness we were not on a big bus/van with 25-50 people trying to enjoy S. Africa.

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