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Anne B. and Andrew M.

Anouk! We are getting back into the swing of things, knocking items off our to-do list. Some thoughts on our trip:
– It was absolutely fantastic! Any criticisms below are absolutely nitpicking.
– We don’t have any other Africa trips to compare this to, but holy crap it was awesome.
– The guides we had throughout the 3 spots in Zambia were fantastic. An unbelievable amount of information, and i can’t believe they found some of the wildlife they did!
– The food at the 3 Sanctuary spots was good, but not fantastic. If someone is looking for top end food and to be wowed, these aren’t the spots.
– In hindsight, we should have spent all of the S. Luangwe nights in the Puku Ridge. I think the only way the Presidential Lodge would have been better than Puku is if it was oppressively hot, otherwise, Puku was better in view, ambiance, facilities, and just about everything else. But note, it was only just better. Chichele was still really good.
– Kaya Mawa food wowed us. This place is fantastic. We loved the lodging, the activities, the employees, the everything.
– Everyone should go to Malawi. I mean everyone. this place was awesome.

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