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Amy and Matt B.

Hi Susan! We’re back! Thank you so much for the thoughtful card. Everything was absolutely wonderful — truly the trip of a lifetime that we will never forget. We saw all the animals and a baby elephant and lion cubs! It was amazing. We just wanted to thank you again for putting this fantastic trip together.
Thanks! Amy & Matt

How would you rate your trip overall? Excellent We loved every minute of it!

What was the most important reason for choosing AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? Competitive Cost and Expertise

How many safari companies did you consider before selecting AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? One or Two

How would you rate AFRICAN PORTFOLIO’S representatives in Africa? Kenya – Excellent

What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive prior to your departure from home?
No additional information prior to departure was necessary

What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive from our representatives in Africa while on safari?
No additional information was needed while on safari

How would you describe your accommodation, facilities and meals? Please provide the name of the hotel, lodge or camp you are describing.
We kept with the Saruni family of accommodations and stayed at Samburu, Wild, Mara and Ocean.
Every aspect of each location was different to one another which I really loved. Everything was so unique.
The food everywhere was great – very delicious. The service everywhere was impeccable. The design of all the rooms was beautiful and thoughtful.

What and where was your favorite meal of the trip?
We enjoyed Bush meals at all locations — eating outdoors right in the middle of the Reserves was really a nice treat. (Especially for us as New Yorkers! So different from our city life.)
We enjoyed the variety throughout the days at all locations — I don’t think I can select one.

How would you evaluate your safari guides and staff?
Everyone at Samburu, Wild, Mara and Ocean was absolutely wonderful. The guides at each location were so extremely knowledgeable about the animals and landscape. It was a great lesson every time we went out! The servers and staff at the locations were all amazing as well – you feel like they are there just for you – they are SO sweet and attentive.

Was there anything you would have like more of, less of, or done differently?
Everything was really great. It was exactly what I wished for.
(The only minor thing was that there were A LOT of bugs in the rooms at night at Samburu – but I think that was not the norm and because of the heavy rains they had while we were there.)

What was your most memorable moment in Africa?
Seeing a baby/newborn elephant on the very first game drive of our trip! Having never been on safari before and elephants being my favorite animal, this was really special to me.

If you could give future travelers one word of advice, what would it be?
Soak up every moment. Breathe deeply and take in your surroundings. Embrace everything about the unique accommodations, Reserves, animals, locations.

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