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Villa Mandarine

The spectacular Villa Mandarine is located in the residential district of Rabat, just a few minutes from the Dar Es Salaam Royal Golf Course in the heart of a large orange grove. The Villa is a family property transformed into a gorgeous residence. The rooms are spacious and decorated in a true Moroccan style. Each of the rooms have air-conditioning, heating, a mini bar, satellite TV, a terrace and a digital safe for your valuables.   The Villa Mandarine is above all a garden. Over more than 3 acres, 700 orange trees and hundreds of varieties of flowers compete to dazzle the onlookers and entrance the visitors with their subtle perfumes. The plants try to invade the house at every opportunity!   Lounging around the heated pool is a must and lunch in the garden is possible every day with tables set under the trees. The house is comprised of a spacious living-room with a fireplace, a billiard room, a bar, the intimate terraces shaded by the bougainvillea, datura and jasmine trees and a gift shop for a selection of local treasures. There is also a fantastic restaurant offering mouthwatering meals and the menu changes everyday, depending on what the chef has in his basket. Villa Mandarine has many fabulous ways for you to relax and many activities to keep you entertained as well. The fitness centre is a good way for you to start the day and afterwards you can spend time in the sauna, hamman or go for a well deserved massage.


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