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Singita Lebombo Lodge

Singita Lebombo Lodge, poised over one of Africa’s most dramatic landscapes in the Kruger National Park’s glorious south-east, Lebombo Lodge is set against a country that is abundant in water, antelope and big cats, with colors that shift with the changing seasons. Lebombo Lodge was created as a transient witness to the land, constructed of steel, glass and wood in reverence to the African expanse before it. Walkways snake their way along a ridge dotted with surreal euphorbia that praise the sky, at Singita Lebombo the lofts clasp like eagles’ nests to the mountainside. Sparsely adorned spaces created of wall-to-wall glass; Lebombo Lodge’s suites are places of interaction with a wilderness that echoes to the soul. The Lebombo Concession adds an exciting new dimension to the Singita wildlife experience. Located in the Kruger National Park’s southeast, on the border with Mozambique, Lebombo represents one of the few remaining unexplored territories of this celebrated wildlife sanctuary. The Lebombo mountain range runs diagonally across the expanse, interlaced by the N’wanetsi and Sweni Rivers. The rangers testify that the area holds the highest densities of game they’ve seen anywhere, including a wealth of Big 5, abundant antelope and birdlife, and an incredible diversity of smaller animals.

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