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Kalahari Plains Camp

Kalahari Plains Camp is situated in a remote part of the diverse and productive Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and offers some of the best summer wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa. Located in the Kalahari Desert biome in the central part of Botswana, this reserve is the largest conservation area in this country and at 5 million hectares (12 million acres), one of the largest in the world. The camp is beautifully situated close to the famous Deception Valley and comprises six Meru-style en-suite tents with a central area with lounge, dining area and central bar. The tents and main area are all raised a metre off the ground to catch the breeze and take in the sweeping spacious view across the Kalahari. Solar power provides electricity and hot water, and the innovative insulated canvas walls and roof keep the temperatures inside comfortable. The camp locale is a three-hour road transfer from the Deception Valley airstrip. Thanks to the diversity of habitats, healthy game populations move through the area and are present to a greater or lesser degree all year long. But it is the summer months (end-November to April) with the advent of their rains that the desert truly comes to life. Short grasses sprout in the pan systems and fossil riverbeds and plains game such as springbok, gemsbok and wildebeest converge in their hundreds and thousands here to feed. This of course attracts predators such as lion and cheetah; in fact the abundance of game at this time of the year also leads to thrilling lion and cheetah hunts to be seen. Guided game drives unlock the fascinating wildlife treasures found in this wonderful area with excellent cheetah viewing a regular feature. San Bushman experiences provide insights into the unique culture of this fascinating people.

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