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Jack’s Camp

Deep in the Kalahari Desert, on the edge of the largest salt pans in the world, sit two thoroughly authentic safari camps that exude the explorer spirit. Jack’s Camp, named for the late intrepid adventurer Jack Bousfield, intertwines the rugged and the refined. Ten tents evoke the elegance of the 1940s, offering classic safari style with comforts like en-suite bathrooms, indoor and outdoor showers (for those who want to feel the Kalahari breeze). Plush comforts such as cotton sheets and Persian rugs are a welcome escape from the stark desert landscape of the Makgadikgadi Pans. After the rains (December to April), there can be enormous herds of Wildebeest, Zebra and Springbok, with their accompanying predators, on the open grasslands. The summer rains also leave a warm shallow layer of water that entices waterfowl and flamingos. Activities are conducted in open 4×4 vehicles, custom designed for this terrain and accompanied by knowledgeable guides. In the winter months only, all-purpose ATV vehicles (four wheeler motorcycles/Quad bikes) are available, allowing guests to travel across the salt pans. Walks with a Bushman tracker where the Bushmen teach us how they have survived in this harshest of environments, using ancient knowledge of plants, animal behavior and survival skills. The Kalahari Desert is its own universe. It is the only place where guests are virtually guaranteed to see the rare and elusive brown hyena and be able to walk through the Kalahari with a gang of habituated but, wild meerkat (suricates)!

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