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AndBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas

The creatures of the Serengeti have prospered based on one constant: change. The animals are regularly moving along their well-worn path through the Serengeti and Masai Mara, repeating a perpetual parade that has lasted for millennia. AndBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas lives by this immutable trend: the semi-permanent camps here move between various locations, being sure to stay off the beaten track and follow the herds of buffalo and wildebeest as they migrate. Explore the broad plains dotted with graceful acacia trees, and allow your experienced guides to bring you up close and personal with the wide range of creatures here, including the Big Five. This is the classic safari experience, embracing the remoteness and intoxicating solitude of this timeless landscape. Though you are in the midst of untamed wilds, you will have a paradoxically luxurious experience: the stylish safari tents feature custom-made Indian rugs, crisp percale linens, sparkling crystal and shimmering silver, and include large, indulgently comfortable beds and en-suite bathrooms with flush loos and bucket showers. Personal butlers offer discreet, superlative service, and the delicious Pan-African and traditional bush cuisine will have you asking for seconds. Perhaps best of all, the camp is available on a nightly basis, allowing guests to combine it with stays at other unique Tanzanian lodges.  Revel in the romance of the African bush, and feel the heartbeat of these wilds at AndBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas

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