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AndBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

As the only lodge found within Lake Manyara National Park, AndBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge has an entire wilderness paradise all to itself. Located in a dense forest at the southern edge of the lake, the lodge places their guests above everything else – both figuratively and literally. The luxurious accommodations here are treehouses: ten in all, each nestled in an ancient mahogany tree. These expansive, deluxe suites have wide windows and private verandahs, a deliberate choice to invite the forest inside and to allow guests to feel a part of what’s outside.  The interiors are understated and tasteful, featuring contemporary furnishings, an en-suite bathroom and an outdoor shower. As with everything at Lake Manyara Lodge, meals are immersive as the scent of delicious Pan-African cuisine wafts through the air, guests can stop by the interactive kitchen to observe the preparation. Your meals can be enjoyed in the outdoor boma, on dining decks, on your private viewing deck with spectacular forest views, or perhaps even at a lakeshore picnic. Though you are tucked away in the woods, a rich game-viewing experience awaits: Lake Manyara National Park boasts a spectacularly diverse array African wildlife. From the forests to the lake and along the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, guides will point out some of the many species that roam this game-rich landscape. This camp is truly one of Tanzania’s best-kept secrets.

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