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Abraham and Rita B.

How would you rate your trip overall? Excellent

What was the most important reason for choosing AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? Referral

How many safari companies did you consider before selecting AFRICAN PORTFOLIO? One or Two

How would you rate AFRICAN PORTFOLIO’S representatives in South Africa? Excellent
What we experienced was of great interest, often of great beauty, and offered educational opportunity. Beyond all that our material needs were well met.
We wish to extend great appreciation to Garth Angus, our guide in Cape Town, for his knowledge, flexibility, gracious manner and communication skills.

What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive prior to your departure from home?

What additional information (if any) would you have liked to receive from our representatives in Africa while on safari?
We were adequately prepared because of the availability and cooperation of SUSAN FRIEDLAND, our representative.

How would you describe your accommodation, facilities and meals?
We felt our accommodations in Stellenbosch were not as contemporary as we would have liked.

What and where was your favorite meal of the trip?
All dinners at Kirkman’s Camp without exception.

How would you evaluate your safari guides and staff?
Brett was our guide and Robert the tracker. Explanations of sightings were frequent and we saw many unusual events
such as a leopard kill, warring hippos and a pack of African wild dogs. Thanks

Was there anything you would have like more of, less of, or done differently?
More time in Cape Town but not at the expense of any time we spent elsewhere.

What was your most memorable moment in Africa?
We loved it all.

If you could give future travelers one word of advice, what would it be?
Seek out African Portfolios as travel consultants!

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